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Earn2trade: Career Path for Traders Live Account



The trader has two options after passing the evaluation process using virtual starting capital: continue with such a junior livesim account or open a junior live account with $25,000 as funding. Both are accessible for-profit withdrawal. The daily loss cap, profit goal, and drawdown restrictions are all the same as they were during the evaluation phase.

  • Traders that made it through the evaluation procedure gain greatly from the following:
  • Once Step 2 has been completed, 80% of the earned money may be withdrawn.
  • Funded transactions do not have to pay a monthly subscription fee to Earn2Trade.
  • There really is no longer a requirement to trade for a minimum number of days.
  • Profits made by traders might be taken out of the account. 
  • Weekly payouts will be made on Tuesday. There are no withdrawal bank fees for withdrawals over $500.

The account will be promoted to a $50,000 live account once a trader has extracted a minimum of $1,400 in trading earnings (80% of the $1,750 profit target) from the $25,000 live- and sim-account challenge.

The $50,000 account’s current trailing drawdown is $2,000, and the profit target is set at $3,000. The account will be elevated to the $100,000 live account once the trader has withdrawn a minimum of $2,400 (or 80% of the $3,000 profit target). The current profit target is $6,000, and the current trailing drawdown is $3,500. The following and final upgrade will happen whenever the trader takes a minimum withdrawal of $4,800 from the $100,000 account.

The trader will oversee this Senior Live Account, which has a $200,000 account with a $12,000 profit target and a fixed drawdown set at $194,000 for the trader to manage. Traders that succeed in this task may be able to work out a special account with the proprietary trading company.

Trading platforms, commissions, and resets

For a cost of $100, the Evaluation can be reset whenever you like. A live trading account, however, cannot be reset. The Trader Career Path will have to be started from again for people who have already traded on a live account and reached certain milestones, like the drawdown maximum.

In contrast to standard futures contracts, where commissions are computed at $2.02 per side, micro asset commissions are typically within $.0.74 and $1.00 per side. The amount of the account used for live or simulated trading is used to pay the commissions.

Costs of a Career as a Trader

The Trader Future Career Evaluation has a $150 monthly subscription fee. Resetting the Evaluation will cost you $100. Once the Evaluation is finished, there are no ongoing monthly expenses.

Miniature Gauntlet

The Gauntlet Mini, a product from earn2trade, was introduced in August 2019. I initially believed it to be a product centered entirely on mini futures contracts when I first heard about it. Though it isn’t. The third section of this review will cover the Gauntlet Mini, a variant of the normal Gauntlet. When all requirements are completed, the Gauntlet Mini permits you to receive a funded trading after 15 trading days.

Mini Gauntlet Price

Your desired funded trading account will determine the monthly cost. Pricing for the $25k account starts at $150 per month and rises to $350 per month if you want the $150,000 account.

To succeed in the $25,000 challenge, it is best to start with $150 for the first month, trade exactly by the rules, and reach your profit target of $1,750 during that month. It’s one of the best prop trading firms.

If this is accomplished, Earn2Trade’s proprietary trading partner will fund your trading account. The intriguing feature of the Gauntlet Mini is that while you are a subscriber, you will experience the following:

  • Access to their Beginner Basic Course is free, even though lifelong access is normally $249.
  • The entry fee for the competition includes access to the trading simulator as well.
  • Journalytix, a reporting tool, is accessible.
  • Features of Earn2Trade Gauntlet

Let’s now examine the platform’s features in more detail as we continue our Earn2Trade analysis.

Earn2Trade Graph

After registering, you can access your Earn2Trade dashboard by logging in. By using the dashboard choices, you can go to all Earn2Trade’s key parts.

The Earn2Trades financed trading platform is equipped with the necessary trading platform capabilities. I like to highlight the people who most grabbed my attention.

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