SpaceX has only just taken the first two astronauts to the International Space Station, but the Californian company Orbital Assembly wants to start building a hotel in space in 2025, inside the Voyager station, which could be operational in 2027.

Orbital Assembly claims to be the first large-scale construction company in space. You have completed the design of the Voyager station, as well as your own creative tools to carry out this incredible construction. Now the only thing missing is money …

His goal is that, by 2027, a hotel will be ready in space with a cinema, restaurants, a spa, and rooms for 400 people, with the best views of the Earth possible.

The Voyager station, which in addition to the hotel will house scientific experiments, will orbit 550 kilometers high, in a polar orbit that would allow it to receive sunlight 24 hours a day, to power its solar panels.

This private station will be twice the size of the International Space Station, with a diameter of 200 meters and a weight of 2,418 metric tons, six times more than the ISS.

As seen in the opening photo, it is shaped like a ring. It is divided into 24 modules of 12 x 20 meters, with an area of ​​500 square meters each, divided into three floors. At least half of them would be dedicated to the hotel:

Current technology already allows this type of construction to be carried out. And it is quite likely that by 2027 SpaceX and even Blue Origin will already have standardized the transport of travelers to the International Space Station.

So technologically it is possible. The problem, as you can easily imagine, is money. The Space Station has cost about 150,000 million dollars and is inhabited by 7 or 8 astronauts. The Voyager station will be twice as large and will house 400 people.

Orbital Assembly is in the process of attracting investors. The hook is a new business: space tourism, with a profit forecast of billions of euros.

The success of this acquisition of shareholders will depend on whether everything we have shown here becomes a reality. Good luck!