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Market Research: Types, Use Cases, and How To Do Market Research 



One way to get information that can help in decision-making for your business or organization is through market research. It gives you data that provides a perfect view of the market, customers, opportunities, and other vital aspects. You, however, have to understand market research and do it correctly if you want to tap its benefits.  

Market research can be categorized into various types. To carry out effective and appropriate research, you should understand the different types and how to do them. Read on to learn the various types and how to apply them correctly. 

Major Types of Market Research and How You Can Do for Your Business 

Arguably, various types of market research intend to help you solve different problems affecting your business. That means for every challenge you have in your business, there is a specific way you can get valuable information to help you solve it. With that said, here are the types of market research:

1. Customer Insights Research

As the name suggests, this type of research aims to help you understand your target consumers and what they do to help you target them appropriately. It gives you information on their behavior, preferences, and buying patterns. You can carry out this type of research when you want to understand consumer needs, personalize your marketing, or innovate new products or services that meet customer needs. 

You can deploy various methods when carrying out customer research. The most common ones include interviews, surveys, and ethnography, among others. Note, however, that if you are running a business that targets consumers in different parts of the world, gathering data can be a challenge. Some websites with useful information sometimes restrict traffic or access outside their regions. 

Thankfully, modern technologies can help you gather consumer data from any region. You only need to use a residential proxy IP, so you appear anywhere in the world. So, you can comfortably collect data and information about the target consumers in your research. 

2. Brand Research 

Brand refers to the image or what people out there associate your company with in comparison with others. So, brand research helps you gather data for managing your brand in your industry. When you undertake this type of market research, you strive to uncover truths related to the following:

  • What people think about your business or their perception
  • People loyal to your brand
  • How deep your brand has penetrated the market 
  • How consumers separate your brand from others 
  • Your brand value or what people are willing to pay for experience with your brand 

To carry out brand research, you need to use methods that help you get a picture of your brand in the marketplace. You can use interviews and focus group discussions to learn how people associate with, value, or acknowledge your brand’s competitiveness in the market. 

3. Competitive Analysis Research 

Businesses compete for market shares, customers, and even resources. Your business has competitors you need to learn about if you want to gain a competitive edge over them. So, competitive analysis research aims to establish the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors in the market. 

Notably, every business, regardless of its growth stage, has competitors. With a thorough competitive analysis, you can gather information about them and devise ways to win the competition. The best strategy is to pick a few competitors and then analyze their strengths and weaknesses. 

Some of the best sources of information for competitive research include advertisements, articles, business journals, and others. The information you should gather from these sources about your competitors should be sales volumes, their marketing strategies, and their workforce. 

4. Product Development Research 

Product development research provides valuable information when developing or creating a new product or service for your customers. It is the type of research you need when carrying out innovation. Whether you are developing a completely new product or improving the existing ones, you need to conduct this research to develop a product that meets the needs of your target customers. 

Depending on what you want to achieve through product development research, you can use interviews, conduct tests, or get opinions from target product users. You can also utilize assessment methods that help you determine the usability of your new product. Most importantly, seek to understand how target users will receive your product. 

5. Customer Satisfaction Research 

You should understand how customers interact with your products or services and whether they meet their needs. By conducting customer satisfaction research, you get valuable information that helps you gauge whether or not customers are satisfied with your products or services. That way, you can establish if you are living up to their expectations or failing them with your products or services. 

Customer satisfaction is an indicator of many things, and it suggests measures of success such as the performance of your products and retention. Note, however, that satisfaction should imply customer satisfaction in various areas, including the following: 

  • Market price
  • Product design 
  • Delivery time
  • Performance 
  • Interaction with staff or support team

If you can satisfy your customers in all these aspects, you are sure of growth and their loyalty over time. So, make it a habit to conduct customer satisfaction research as often as possible using surveys and other methods that can help you gather information. Remember also to do it at various points of customer interaction, from the initial engagement to the ultimate use of your product. 


Conducting research is the best way to get valuable information for decision-making. You cannot compete with others in the market if you do not understand them. Similarly, it is hard to meet customer needs if you do not understand their behavior or preferences regarding your products or services. Thankfully, you can get information on all these through market research. 

This article has explained the major types of market research that you need to carry out for your business. It may not be necessary to carry out all of them at once, but at least you need to identify what is appropriate at any given time for your business. You can innovate, make forecasts and understand your customers with regular research. Success!

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The Various Digital Marketing Tools Currently Available To Canadian Businesses




If you have been thinking about talking to a digital marketing agency and getting them to set up a digital marketing campaign for your specific business then you are making a very smart decision here. It has been widely proven that digital marketing is the most effective way to reach out to your current customers and all those potential thousands of customers as well. Businesses that have embraced digital marketing have gone on to receive better quality traffic which resulted in more sales and higher profits.

Nobody expects you to know the ins and outs of digital marketing and so this is why you always reach out to a trusted agency like King Kong that can guide you in the right direction and point your business towards more profitability. There are many digital marketing tools currently available to your business and so the following are just some of the ones that you might want to consider.

    1. Social media – It will be difficult not to find someone who doesn’t have some kind of social media presence and many people admit to checking their social media page 15 times a day or more. This is where your business needs to reach out to your current and prospective customers and it is a great way to get answers from them immediately.
    2. Email marketing – This is a proven tried and tested method that many modern Canadian businesses are now using and everybody admits to checking their email at least once a day. It is the perfect tool for businesses no matter if they are big or small and you can let customers know about certain sales campaigns that are coming up.
  • Search engine optimisation – This is an incredible tool that helps to push your particular business website to the top of the popular search engine rankings where people will see it more and will hopefully click through to it. If your business is always featuring at the top of the search engine rankings then people will learn to trust it and they will find it much easier to make a purchasing decision because of it.

You need to know that there are many other digital marketing tools currently available to you and these three are just some of the popular ones. The important thing is to realise that digital marketing is the future for your business and so start using it today.

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How to Find a Good Pest Control Company in Your City




Finding a good pest control company may be a tedious task because you don’t know which one is genuine. Every company claims to offer the best services but may disappoint you later on. Not every pest control company gives the services just like pest control Nampa does. You can find a good one by comparing a few of them based on several factors.  With the right company, you can get rid of pests from your house and live a stress-free life. Some of the tips for choosing the best pest control company have been elaborated on below:

Following government regulations and certifications 

You should choose a pest control company that follows all the rules and laws pertaining to saving animals and nature. The government does not encourage killing animals and takes every step to prevent them. If the company follows all rules and regulations, you should choose to remove pests from your house. The products they use will be of high quality and safe for human beings and pets.

Trained professionals 

Pest control involves inspection of the house, identifying pests and choosing the best pest control method to eliminate pests from the house. All of these tasks require highly knowledgeable technicians and professionals. It is suggested to ask about their previous tasks performed in other houses. 

Make an appointment for the home inspection

It is a good idea to contact the pest control company that can come to your house and perform inspections. Depending on the type and nature of pests, they can give you the option to remove pests from your house. This way, you can also compare a few companies before finalizing the right one.

License and warranty 

Another important factor to consider is the license of the company. it is important to check whether the company is licensed to offer services in the town. Apart from this, you should check the warranty options given by the company. How long the company can remove the pests if they come back after the pest control?

Check reviews online

These days, these reviews are easily found online on several websites and the official website of the company. You can find out what others say through these portals and make the right decision to hire the best one. You can also contact their existing and past customers.

A good pest control company can make a great difference to your home’s safety and cleanliness. 

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German Vs Spanish: Which Language Should One Learn?




Learning a new language and being bilingual can have many benefits. Besides being a gateway to improved job opportunities, cultural understanding, and personal growth. Learning a new language also has medical benefits. A study conducted by Italian researchers concluded that those with hereditary Alzheimer’s can delay symptoms for nearly 5 years by speaking bilingually regularly. One of the most difficult parts of learning a new language is choosing which one to learn. It is important to do your research instead of just following the masses. What may be good for one person, might not necessarily be good for others. 

Today, our comparison is between Spanish and German. Both languages hold a special place in global politics, technology, history, economics, and more. Spanish is more widely spoken than German, but depending on the situation may not be any more important. Both languages are easily accessible for English speakers with a variety of ways to learn them. You can get a tutor to teach you the language or you can even download a mobile application like Doulingo. It all depends on your preference for learning. You can also find forums where students discuss the best learning methods. 

Ease of access means that you can choose to learn either language without much trouble, hence it all boils down to which language is best for you. Today, we will do a concise analysis to help you decide which language to pursue. 

Which is Easier to Learn?

It is generally known that Spanish is easier to learn for English speakers. While German may not be considered an easy language to learn. It has not been classified as a difficult language to learn either. Both languages share certain linguistic derivations with English or have similar-sounding words. So vocabulary might not be a major issue with either language. 

Similarly, when writing the languages, the alphabets mimic the sound of the words. Which is another similarity between both languages with English. 

According to forums and language teachers, Spanish is probably easier to learn than German, especially in the early stages. However, difficulty levels are at the same level in the advanced learning stage. German has strict grammar rules that students must learn early on to move to the advanced stage. But once you get the hang of the grammar rules, it gets easier from there. Spanish in the initial stages is simpler to learn, but as you get into the advanced, complex stage. You are more likely to make mistakes, and learning becomes less enjoyable.

So if you are looking to learn the basics, just enough to get you by as a tourist. Then Spanish is easier to learn. But if you want to be bilingual or have career opportunities from your language skills, then both are almost equally difficult, with German ranking slightly higher on the difficulty index.

Factors to Consider

If you are confused about what language is best for you. Then maybe take a more data-based approach by considering the following factors.

Number of Speakers

Monetarily it might be beneficial to see how widely each language is spoken. Spanish has 500 million global speakers and German has nearly 100 million.

Spanish translation services are more in demand for this reason. However, such translations are relevant to specific industries like entertainment, media, and education. While industries like the Automotive industry or Renewable energy have German translations in more demand. 


You have to consider where you’re more likely to travel, work, or live. As you might know,  Spanish is spoken in 20 countries, mostly from Latin America. And German is used in European countries like Austria, Switzerland, and Germany. 

Hence naturally, professional German translation is in higher demand in Europe, while Spanish is in higher demand in the Americas. 

Economic Demand

Your education, experience, and background determine where your expertise is most needed. If, for instance, you have a degree in Electrical Engineering, learning German will provide more lucrative opportunities. If your degree is in Tourism, then Spanish is likely to be a better bet for you.

Personal Interest

You see, financial benefits are one thing. But it is not necessarily the only factor you should consider. Your interest makes life worth living, and money comes if you love what you do. So you should consider your interests, what you like to watch and listen to, where you prefer to travel, and more related things.

Potential Opportunities

Did you know that German speakers can get scholarships, grants, and jobs with more ease in Germany? Similarly, Latin American countries also offer language-based scholarships for international students. Moreover, there are certain job roles where you can earn more for being fluent in more than one language. 


When you have to choose between these two languages, carefully assess which one is best for you. Stats are almost nothing to the individual, it is all about you vs the situation. Getting it?  Even in a one-in-a-million chance, you could be that one! There are various factors to consider, and it is better to consider them thoroughly. Learning a language can potentially take months and years. It is a long-term commitment. Good Luck guys, Adiós! Verabschiedung!

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