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Choose The Right Packaging Materials For Your eCommerce Business



Your first point of contact with customers is not the item inside. Instead, your packaging creates the first impression for you and your brand. That’s why it’s crucial to choose the right packaging materials. Avoid disappointment and earn repeat buyers by following this guide. 

Importance of Proper Product Packaging

Businesses, regardless of their size, understand the vital effects of packaging. 

Package protection

The primary purpose of selecting the right packaging materials is to keep your items safe and secure during transit. Therefore, it is not just an appealing box. Instead, it must provide maximum safe keeping. This way, it will reach your customer’s doorstep intact.

Create valuable touch-point

Your packaging and product resemble your brand. So it’s essential to make it attractive, presentable, and sturdy to keep your packages safe. In addition, excellent feedback leaves an imprint on your customer’s mind. As a result, they’ll stay connected with you and become your loyal client. 

Build brand awareness

It might not be obvious, but brand advocacy is one of the advantages of attractive product packaging. Your packaging material also speaks about what you sell. Also, it showcases how you value the content and the client’s perception. So don’t hesitate to pick the best packing materials, as it influences the customer’s purchasing decision. 

Different Types of Packaging Materials

eCommerce businesses have a wide range of options when it comes to packaging materials. Some are safe for the environment, while others are not. Be an advocate of maintaining a greener package with the following packaging materials. 

Bags and Envelopes 

Plastic mailing bags, poly mailers, and Tyvek envelopes are strong, lightweight, waterproof, and self-sealing. Plus, you can store it anywhere. Also, it is perfect for light and durable products. Most importantly, it is customizable and promotes zero-waste alternatives. 

Quick Tip!

Plastic bags and envelopes are the right packaging materials for clothing items. In addition, you can use it for small, boxed products. Instead of over boxing, slid it in a poly mailer. 

Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated boxes are widely used packaging materials. It is sturdy, durable, and recyclable. Plus, it doesn’t add weight to your parcel. It is also available in double-walled corrugated boxes. Use it if your products are heavy and need extra strength and protection. However, it is pricier compared to standard corrugated boxes. Don’t forget to place plain brown cardboard on top. It provides a better security measure if you ship high-value items. 

Quick Tip!

Get the right size of the box. Oversized boxes mean more infill, which equates to additional weight and shipping costs. Also, most customers are not fond of dealing with big boxes. 

Padded Mailers

Padded envelopes offer extra protection for small, flat, and delicate items. In addition, some are recyclable, depending on what materials made the pads. For example, you can reuse padded envelopes filled with shredded paper. Although bubble wrap padded mailers provide more protection, it is not an excellent green option.

Quick Tip!

Ship your handcrafted goods, books, jewelry, and electronics with padded mailers. If you want to secure your delicate and valuable items, you may insert additional bubble wrap or recyclable paper. 

Custom Product Packaging

Create a one-of-a-kind unboxing experience by customizing your boxes. Customers will appreciate, remember, and even share it with others. Furthermore, custom packaging helps you fir your products precisely. So, it ensures a snug and secure shipment. In addition, customized product packaging is more accessible. 

Quick Tip!

Be creative. When printing and customizing, incorporate your brand in the box. You can add gift wrap, tissue, packing slips, etc. Don’t forget to display your logo and design outside the box. 

Other Essential Packaging Materials for your eCommerce Business

The right packaging materials are not about where you put your products before shipping. It includes other elements, too, that work in tandem. For example, to create a memorable unboxing experience, use the following product packaging supplies. 


When shipping your product in a box, you need to keep it still from moving during transit. It ensures your customer’s order arrives undamaged. 

Traditional fillers are air pillows, bubble wrap, foam inserts, and Styrofoam packing peanuts. Other packing fillers are wood fiber (excelsior) and brown or colored crinkle paper. Before, customers enjoyed popping bubble wrap every time they received their package. However, it is not as environment-friendly and appealing as other infills. 

Quick Tip!

You can use any kind of filler as you see fit. No one-size-fits any type of packaging material for your eCommerce business. Be strategic and choose the appropriate style for your product and shipping. 


A clear packing tape keeps your shipping box intact. It protects all the sides and seams from water, heat, and humidity. So it is essential to pick the right packaging tape. 

A transparent acrylic tape is more affordable but a lesser green choice. It supports packages weighing up to 15 lbs. On the other hand, the water-activated tape is more secure and can handle boxes over 25 lbs. Although you can recycle it, it is much pricier. 

Quick Tip!

You can personalize your tapes, too! Use a variety of colorful adhesive tapes that complements your custom product packaging. It provides you instant brand recognition. So your customers can never forget you. 

Customized Tissue Paper

Add color with tissue paper to hype the customer’s excitement. Then, instead of seeing their order right after opening the box, you can build their anticipation more. It is big plus for their unboxing experience.

Quick Tip!

You can create a custom-print tissue to make your client feel extra special. Wrap it around your valuable item. Make sure your brand logo is the first thing they see on the paper. 


Applying a sticker is an easy and cheap way to brand your package. It is functional, versatile, and affordable. Also, you can customize it as a “Thank You” note for the purchase. 

Quick Tip!

Secure the tissue paper around the items with a sticker. Then, decorate it around the box, envelope, or bag. Also, you can insert a few extra stickers in the package. It might look like freebies, but it’s free brand advertising too. 

Packing Slip and Receipt

A receipt is a vital component for the right packaging materials. Businesses often overlook it, but customers check it. For example, they review if everything they ordered is in their package. In addition, a custom packing slip is another method to build brand awareness. 

Quick Tip!

Create a memorable packing slip. First, make sure it complements the customer’s order. Then, place it in the package where it makes sense. It’s not supposed to be seen immediately, but make it obvious it is available inside too. 

A thriving eCommerce business takes time and effort to choose the right packaging materials. The box, envelope, tape, and infill convey a message to your customer. So you have to be careful and mindful while preparing and securing orders. So look for shipping providers with the same goal as you. Red Stag Fulfillment provides all the right packaging materials you need for your business to ship. Also, it commits to using eco-friendly packaging materials.

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How an industrial robotic arm can aid in the optimization of your production line




Production managers today are tasked with optimizing the production process to minimize waste and optimize throughput. For some tasks, this may include the use of industrial robotic arms. This article will discuss how an industrial robotic arm can be used to improve production and what factors should be considered when deciding whether to use one.

What is a robotic arm, and what are its critical benefits for industrial use?

A robotic arm is an industrial robot designed to lift, move and manipulate objects. The industrial robotic arm comprises a series of rotary joints that can be adjusted to perform various tasks such as sorting, packing, welding, and assembly. The key benefits of these industrial robots are increased accuracy and speed compared to human labor. Additionally, industrial robotic arms can be programmed to carry out repetitive tasks and even mimic natural human movements.

When considering industrial robotic arms for use in a production line, factors to consider

Firstly, industrial robotic arms must be carefully chosen to ensure they are suitable for the task and will not interfere with other industrial processes. Furthermore, industrial robotic arms should be equipped with the necessary safety protocols to ensure that the operation is carried out safely and efficiently.

Another key factor is cost. Depending on the complexity and features, industrial robotic arms can vary significantly in terms of cost. Consequently, industrial managers must carefully consider the trade-off between benefits such as improved efficiency and accuracy and the costs involved.

In terms of industrial application, industrial robotic arms can automate various industrial tasks, such as manufacturing assembly lines, material handling, and processing operations. Moreover, industrial robotic arms can also be used in agricultural processes such as harvesting and packaging agricultural products.

Finally, industrial robotic arms are an integral part of industrial automation. Automation uses machinery, systems, and processes to simplify industrial tasks and reduce human intervention. Industrial robotic arms can automate industrial operations to minimize errors and optimize production speeds.

Ultimately, industrial robotic arms can significantly improve industrial efficiency leading to increased profits for a business.

What type of tasks is a robotic arm ideally suited for in an industrial setting?

Robotic arms are ideally suited for industrial tasks that require precision and speed. These may include welding, assembly, material handling, and packaging operations.

Industrial robotic arms can also be used in agricultural processes such as harvesting and packaging agricultural products. Robotic arms can also simplify industrial processes by reducing human intervention and minimizing errors.

How to select the right robotic arm for your business needs?

When selecting an industrial robotic arm, industrial managers must consider several factors. Firstly, industrial robotic arms must be chosen to ensure they are suitable for the task and will not interfere with other industrial processes.

Additionally, industrial robotic arms should be equipped with the necessary safety protocols to ensure that the operation is carried out safely and efficiently.

Furthermore, industrial robotic arms should be chosen based on their cost and benefits. Finally, industrial managers must consider the availability of trained personnel to maintain and operate industrial robots.

The future of robotics in the industry – where is it headed and how will it impact businesses worldwide?

Industrial robotic arms are set to increase as businesses look for more efficient and cost-effective solutions to industrial operations. Additionally, industrial robots will become increasingly advanced, allowing for greater precision and accuracy in industrial processes.

Furthermore, industrial automation is set to revolutionize industrial processes worldwide. Automation will simplify industrial processes, minimizing errors and reducing human intervention. Furthermore, industrial robots will be able to complete industrial tasks with greater efficiency and at lower costs than ever before.

Overall, industrial robotic arms are set to revolutionize industrial processes shortly. Through industrial automation, industrial managers can optimize their production lines, reduce costs and improve industrial efficiency. This way, industrial robotic arms can be a powerful tool for industrial operations worldwide.

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How to Make Your Anime Collectibles Look Great 



If you’re an anime fan, you probably have a few anime collectibles like dakimakura. But what do you do with them? Do you just let them sit on a shelf, or do you try to display them in a way that looks nice? If you need help with making your anime collectibles look great, this blog post is for you! We’ll give you tips on how to display your collectibles so they look their best.

Tips For Maintaining Anime Collectibles

It is not an easy task to maintain collectibles such as dakimakura, especially those which cost a lot of money. So, if you want to maintain anime collectibles, then here are some easy tips for you.

1. Pick The Right Spot

Anime collectibles can be delicate, so choosing a spot that is out of the way of foot traffic and other potential hazards is important. A shelf or display case is a good option.

2. Keep them clean. 

Dust and fingerprints can damage anime collectibles, so it is important to keep them clean. Use a soft cloth to dust them gently, and use a cleaner designed specifically for collectibles if they start to get dirty.

Keep them clean and dust-free. Regularly wipe down your anime figurines and other collectibles with a soft, dry cloth. This will help to prevent dust and dirt from building up on them.

3. Display them properly.

Make sure your anime collectibles are displayed in a way that protects them from damage. For example, avoid putting them in direct sunlight or near heat sources.

4. Handle them with care. 

When picking up or moving your anime collectibles, be careful not to drop or bump them.

5. Store them properly. 

Lighting is another important factor. You want to ensure your collectibles are well-lit so they can be enjoyed. But you don’t want to overdo it. When not on display, store your anime collectibles in a cool place where sunlight can’t reach.

5. Use The Right Display Case.

One of the best ways to make your anime collectibles look great is to use the right display case. There are a few things to consider when choosing a display case, such as the size and type of your collectibles, the amount of light they need, and the level of protection you need.

Don’t hide your anime collectibles away in a closet – put them on display! Show them off to your friends and family, and make sure they’re visible to anyone who comes into your home.

Size is important, as you want to ensure your collectibles fit snugly in the case. You also need to consider the type of collectibles you have. If you have fragile items, you’ll need a sturdier case.

6. Keep it organized. 

A well-organized collection looks much more impressive than a messy one. Invest in some storage solutions, such as shelves or boxes, to keep your anime collectibles looking neat and tidy.

7. Avoid using harsh chemicals. 

When cleaning your anime collectibles, use gentle cleaners and avoid harsh chemicals.

8. Keep it safe

This is the most important thing you should know. If you are a collector, then you must keep it safe. It means that you should keep it in a proper place and store it safely. Keep it away from the dust, water, and any other harmful elements.

9. Use protective packaging

If you are collecting something new, then you must keep it in a protective box and keep it away from any harmful elements. If you are buying it online then make sure that you use a good and reliable website and don’t forget to add it to your cart.

10. Remove the protective stickers

Once you have opened the protective box, you must remove the protective stickers from the collectible item. Otherwise, it will be damaged and your collectible will become worthless.

11. Clean your collectibles

This is the most basic thing, but still you should keep it in mind. Always clean your collectible item with water or alcohol and use a soft brush. Make sure that the brush is not rough and abrasive and use it to gently clean your collectibles.

How to maintain anime collectibles

First of all, you need to clean your collectibles. If you want to maintain them then you need to clean it from dust and dirt. You can use a damp cloth to clean it, but if you don’t want to waste your time then you can also use a vacuum cleaner.

You can also use alcohol and water to clean the collectibles. Just make sure that you don’t use hot water, because it will melt the collectibles.

You can use polish to make it shine. If you don’t want to use polish then you can use the paint remover. Make sure that you don’t use it on the glass items.

If you want to remove stains then you can use the stain remover. You can also use the nail polish to clean the collectibles.


These are the easy and effective ways to maintain anime collectibles. You can follow these tips to keep your collectibles safe.

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Several Things Every Business Needs



Many unique characteristics tend to be associated with potential business people, such as passion, confidence, and commitment. But in today’s even the best person needs a little help to run a business. And with so many valuable tools and data-driven solutions at your disposal, why do you have to go it alone?

In this article, we will discuss the things every business needs that are considered essential for today’s business. If you use these things correctly, you will be free to follow your passion and channel it into profitable areas, saving you hours, money, and useless stress.

Mobile Marketing Tools

At this stage, technological evolution allows you to touch future customers even if they don’t happen to be in your physical stores. In fact, with improved connectivity, reaching out to potential customers has never been easier. Research shows that the average person currently spends more than five hours a day with their mobile devices. In 2013, smartphones accounted for 16.2% of web traffic in the world, and in 2018 they reached 52.2%. This means that the best way to reach potential customers is through mobile marketing. Hence, this means that you need reliable mobile marketing tools that will allow you to get your messages across to future customers. Starting from chatbot platforms to any mobile devices, you need to use them for your business. 

Media Communication

Communication plays an essential role in the success of a business. For example, you can start to communicate with your clients and customers with email marketing and email template examples and build long-term relationships with them. And if you are talking or discussing with employees, customers, or other parties, you must communicate your message as calmly as possible. This allows you to have a mobile line on an IP network. The benefits of using this type of connection are significant; However, the features include the ability to transfer calls to all parts of the world at the same price, the ability to set up group meetings and conferences, materials and low-cost software, and a flexible infrastructure.

Accounting System

If this is a tool for businesses a little more critical than others, this is a sound accounting system. If your numbers are wrong, you will not create a long-term business.

Digital accounting software helps organizations, small and large, track expenses, prepare reports, organize taxes, manage payroll, issue invoices, bill clients, and more. In this way, the accounting part becomes more accessible. These tools also provide an overview of your business’s financial flows. Some of them provide integration with other CRM applications and customer service to provide better features.

Rental Of Commercial Instruments

Recruiting can be an expensive process, especially for starting a business. Consider spending money and time initiating referrals, credentials, and credits, as well as credential verification. Using an excellent staffing agency benefits such jobs; however, this is expensive in itself. Luckily, there are commercial tools that can help make your recruitment process more accessible.


Well, now you know several important things about running a successful business. Invest in these things and start your business successfully. Remember that every business needs its own specific needs also. So, it would be best to explore your business plan deeper and understand your business-specific needs. 

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