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Caring for different types of florariums




Different care for different plants

Just a few years ago, it was possible to purchase compositions in glass only from individual masters to order. Now florariums are sold even in many flower shops for every taste and budget. And what kind of plants you can not find in mini-gardens: from various drought-resistant succulents to tender moisture-loving fittonias and ferns. So how do you preserve the beauty of the composition? How to properly care for the florarium?

It is possible to facilitate the care of the florarium even at the stage of choosing a garden in glass. Make sure that the composition is composed of plants that have the same maintenance needs. How can a non-specialist do this? Everything is more or less simple … Conventionally, we divide compositions in florariums into two types, according to the needs of plants:

– Succulent – florariums with succulents, that is, plants that store water in stems or leaves. Accordingly, they have these organs juicy and thickened. For example, cacti, echeveria, lithops, crassula, aeonium, etc. All of them need very moderate watering.

– Moisture – loving- florariums with plants that need high humidity. They do not tolerate drought well or not at all. There are many types of these plants: fittonia, pilea, ferns, episodes, predatory plants, spathiphyllums, etc.

Succulent florarium care

It is believed that succulents can live without light and water. Some even try to grow them in dark rooms. Unfortunately, this is a misconception. Any living plants need to be watered and illuminated. These are the main factors that affect their development and beauty.

What kind of care is needed for a desert composition?

1) Natural or artificial bright lighting, shade from direct sunlight. A mini-garden with succulents will grow well on a windowsill (in summer it is better to shade from the sun) or under a lamp.

2) Very moderate watering for each plant. In summer, you can water once a week, and in winter, once every 2-3 weeks (if the room is not very hot). It is better to water with boiled water from it, it does not leave stains on the glass. It is convenient to pour with a spoon, rubber bulb or syringe.

The color of the soil or drainage at the bottom (if it is sand) can also determine the need for watering. Do not water the florarium until the sand at the bottom is dry.

What if there is not enough lighting?

Choose compositions with shade-tolerant succulents. They have a greener color, for example, euphorbia, cacti, Haworthia, Gasteria, etc. Plants with colorful bright leaves, especially aeoniums, echeveria, graptoveria, etc., will quickly elongate, turn green and lose their beauty in low light.

The plant needs to be watered less often, the weaker the light illuminates it.

How long can succulent florariums not be watered?

Watering frequency is highly dependent on the ambient temperature. At +12 – +16 degrees, you need to water once for 1-1.5 months. If the temperature is more than +25 degrees, as an exception, you can water it every 2-3 weeks.

What to do if a lot of water is poured?

Place in a well-lit place and do not water at all until the ground and drainage are completely dry. If there is so much water that it has risen above ground level, then try removing it with a syringe, rubber bulb, or soak with napkins.

How often to thin out and prune succulents in the florarium?

It all depends on the style of composition, the type of plants and the conditions in which they will grow. Tightly planted small young plants should be replanted sooner. In this case, one season of active growth is often enough to completely fill the capacity of the florarium. By reducing the frequency of watering, you can reduce the growth rate of succulents.

Compositions with correctly selected plants, where there is enough space for plant growth, will be beautiful for several years without additional manipulation.

Succulents can be pruned and thinned; if cut leaves and twigs are inserted into the ground, they are more likely to grow. For elongated rosettes of graptoveri, echeveria, aeonium, this is especially true.

Care of moisture-loving florariums

Caring for florariums with delicate tropical species have a lot in common with that of succulents. Information about cases of insufficient lighting and excessive watering is also relevant for moisture-loving mini-gardens.

Such plants need to be provided with bright, natural lighting without direct sunlight or piece lighting.

The need for such species for moisture, of course, is greater than that of succulents, but you do not need to water them every day, it is enough to do it once a week. If you need to water the florarium less often, you can cover the opening of the container with a film and it is imperative to make holes in it for ventilation. Thus, watering the composition is enough 1 time for 2-3 weeks.

Most tropical plants grow faster than succulent plants, so they need to be thinned and pruned more often. The florarium with them “grows” in about 7-12 months.

Caring for a florarium is not difficult and does not require special skills. In our article, we tried to reveal the answers to the main questions that concern our customers when buying a composition.


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Tips For Buying Glasses: How To Choose The Most Suitable



A carefully chosen new pair of eyeglasses will not only add to your appeal, but will reinforce and become part of your personality. It is obvious that prescription lenses must provide the person with optimal vision. Your optometrist can help you not only in choosing the frame that best suits you, but can also customize your prescription lenses according to your needs.

Sometimes there is no alternative but to buy a new pair of eyeglasses. And not just because your vision has changed, but because of the unstoppable pace of fashion or because you need a second pair for certain activities. It may also be that yours are outdated. However, as a result of the wide selection available today, buying a new frame and lenses is no longer an easy task. Today, good optometrists offer their clients an endless variety of different models and features. But anyone who knows what they are looking for will easily find the perfect pair of glasses.

Scope of use of new glasses

A very important criterion when buying new eyeglasses is the possibility of combining them. This criteria can vary greatly from one user to another. One of the first questions to ask yourself is: what do I need the glasses for or what do I mainly need them for? A person who works all day with the computer will need different glasses than someone who works mainly outdoors or performs sports activities. The more information the optometrist has (a good professional will always ask you a lot of questions), the easier the selection process will be. Compare your experience buying new glasses with buying a car. The optometrist will inform you and show you all the “characteristics” that may suit you better.

State-of-the-art technology

Another maxim when buying glasses: the more individualized the glasses, the better results will be obtained in terms of quality of vision, comfort characteristics and tolerance, for example in the case of multifocals. The concept is similar to that of a tailor-made suit, as opposed to purchasing a standard garment, which may fit well, but does not offer a guarantee. 

Choosing prescription lenses

Once you have found a good optometrist, it is normal to take a look around the store looking for some nice frames. But not all prescription lenses are suitable for all types of frames, so it is advisable to choose the lenses first. If you want to relax and improve your vision, it is obvious that prescription lenses represent the most important component of your new eyeglasses. Only proper prescription lenses can guarantee the improvement of your vision.

The mounts

With regard to frames, the optometrist usually selects some models that seem appropriate beforehand, since he knows your product offering and will also be the one to help you achieve your goal given the wide range of possibilities. Be sure to make your color, material and price preferences clear from the start. The most important thing is that the new glasses harmonize with the shape of your face and be Compatible with chosen prescription lenses.

The following generally applies: People with round faces should opt for angular frames, while people with angular faces are better suited to a round frame. Oval-faced people are lucky enough to be able to choose the shape they want. Optometrists often advise people with triangular or heart-shaped faces to opt for a slim, oval frame.

Another thing to consider when buying a frame is the material. It is obvious that the weight of the glasses plays an important role in the decision. A new frame should be comfortable from the moment you try it on. If you have any type of allergy, it is important that you ask about the composition of the frames.

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Benefits Of Outsourcing Services In A Company



Outsourcing services has become a vital alternative for many companies for various reasons: it provides agility, professionalism, saves time, reduces costs, improves efficiency and increases productivity. And in addition, it fully adapts to the requirements set out in the General Data Protection Regulation (RGPD). But there is much more. And we want to share it with you in this post. Let’s start!

What is the outsourcing of services?

Subcontracting of services or people with a specific management model, where periodic follow-up meetings, call, SLAs, etc. are defined. The services provided are, in general, user support, infrastructure maintenance, development, correction or evolution of applications, among others. It is a model with specific management tools with solutions for ticketing, reporting, etc., although these services may vary from one company to another.

Outsourcing solutions are designed with very diverse objectives, such as reducing IT costs and administration problems while complying with the GDPR. IT management encompasses:

Currently, companies are forced to invest in heterogeneous and proprietary tools instead of going towards ‘as a Service’ paradigms that offer differentiation by levels of attention, support and monitoring. The outsourcing of services can provide speed, high training, savings, administration and supervision.

More than 30% of SMEs do not have a backup solution, and of those who do, only 8% check the validity of the data contained, with 17% of the copies made failing. Some outsourced services are: backup of physical or virtual machines, physical backup to cloud and cloud to cloud, backup management of hybrid environments, etc.

Around 85% of SMEs have difficulty finding the budget to deploy a backup or Disaster Recovery solution for their data. Of those who decide to implement it, more than 80% find the solution complex or lacks functionality. Some DR services are: recovery of information in the event of data unavailability, or availability of data in the event of contingencies in the cloud or On Premise.

The Managed Services offered by companies may vary from company to company. There are very different technical solutions, it all depends on the needs of each company. For example: infrastructure control, IT environment security, storage expansion, implementation and replacement services, among others.

How to improve your IT infrastructure?

Operational and application continuity are responsible for providing customers with the operational and available IT infrastructure they need. Therefore, managed services companies must offer their clients the possibility of seeing their work, the service evolution reporting offer, etc. In this way, they will be able to appreciate the evolution. Keep in mind that the areas in charge of making decisions will be the Operations, Monitoring and Management Committees.

What are the current needs of your company? Have you thought about outsourcing part of your services? Managed services can be adapted to the current needs of your business, regardless of whether you want to outsource a part of IT or all of it. The ultimate goal is for your company to enjoy the highest possible quality.

10 benefits of outsourcing services in your company

Outsourcing solutions are designed for those clients who seek or need to outsource the management of part or their entire technological infrastructure. These services integrate everything organizations need to scale to another level. Next, we show you the advantages of carrying out this outsourcing:

  1. Reduction of costs for computer support, optimization of processes, training and qualification of personnel, among others.
  2. Immediate assistance and on-site or remote support.
  3. Technical assistance to equipment, infrastructure and networks.
  4. A single contract for all the devices and infrastructures of the company.
  5. Focus efforts on the most important tasks and key activities of your business.
  6. Leave minor activities in the hands of trusted providers specialized in the field.
  7. Save time, thus improving the efficiency of the company.
  8. Optimization of business processes, achieving the simplification of all procedures.
  9. Increase all the growth potential of the company and take on new challenges.
  10. Improve financial problems of liquidity and cash flow.

Many CEOs need support, advice and technological partners that allow them to take their ICT infrastructures to the level they need. The providers of this type of service are specialists in critical environments and can ensure high availability and operation, integrating the company’s processes with technology.

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