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strategic sourcing software

What is Strategic Sourcing?

Strategic sourcing is a method used for supply chain management. It formalizes how information is accumulated and utilized to make smart purchases and intelligent decisions. Moreover, it helps an organization determine its purchasing power to benefit from possible paramount values in the marketplace and design its purchasing strategy accordingly.

Why Does an Organization Need Strategic Sourcing Software?

Strategic sourcing software helps an organization to bring all the expenditure under control and ensures compliance. The purpose of strategic sourcing is to;

  • Save costs,
  • Analyzing and limiting risks,
  • Generate more business value,
  • And to ensure seamless supplier performance.

Manual strategic sourcing management is inefficient and disjointed, so it becomes vital to spend on efficient strategic sourcing software to make the process transparent and uniform. Moreover, strategic sourcing solutions help the supply chain officials to supervise procurement issues and make well-informed decisions.

6 Components of Strategic Sourcing Process

Here are 6 most common components of strategic sourcing software.

  • Expenditure Analysis

The first thing that spending analysis will do to a system is initiating an expenditure analysis. The purpose is to identify the areas in which capital can be reduced via the new sourcing projects.

  • Filtering Suppliers

The software starts collecting necessary data and filtering results hence aids in saving time and resources of buyers on suppliers.

  • Initiating Auction

Upon creating the list of credible sources, the software can initiate a reverse auction to let the competitors compete on bids. Hence, the strategic sourcing software will manage all the incoming requests to precede the PO process.

  • SBM (Supply Base Management)

The software will further enable the sourcing professionals to gather and manage supplier, performance, and risk information. The software digs into the audit record and gathers internal data of the supplier to analyze statistics. The supply management base incorporates external tools to collect data from the RSS feed, financial information, and web services.

Managing Contracts

Strategic sourcing software assists the sourcing professional to track sourcing agreements in the blink of an eye and document them. The variety of services depends on the solution package the client has opted for.

The basic packages usually include managing supplier details, contract beginning, expiry date, and contract value. Whereas advanced solutions include the approval flow, negotiation regarding the contract, and also tracks post-execution activities.

  • Electronic Request (eRFX)

The sourcing software makes it easy for managers to send an electronic request for tenders, proposals, quotes, or any other information, eliminating the suppliers that do not fulfill the organization’s needs, ending up shortlisting the most competent ones. Also, it becomes easier for the managers to list and analyze the most compatible quotes or bids.

How to Evaluate Strategic Sourcing Software?

Understanding the importance of strategic sourcing software makes it difficult for you to choose the most compatible software. Well, we are making the decision easier for you by listing some considerations that will assist you in selecting the most efficient software for you as per your requirement.

Ask the Seller;

  • What information does your strategic sourcing software have to offer?
  • How often does the software update its supplier database?
  • Is the software a complete sourcing solution or will it target a specific area?
  • Will the software self operate, in collaboration with procurement software, or via the inclusive supply chain management system.

Our Top Pick; Medius Speed Management

While concluding, it is significant to mention that medius speed management is a one-stop solution for managing your expenditure. They have solutions for supplier management, sourcing, contract management, procurement, AP automation, and payment automation.

The software is cloud-based and provides the most easy-to-use spend management solution.  Click here to book a demo.

Final Verdict

Strategic sourcing software is the need of the hour. It will save you time and will assist you in making well-informed decisions. Medius speed management is one of the most efficient sourcing solutions. We recommend you level up your strategic sourcing game and buy software to make your organization documentation process smooth and transparent. Good Luck.


What additional features to look for in strategic sourcing software?

The efficient strategic sourcing software should have;

  • A cloud-based software
  • It should be compatible with androids
  • It should engage the best stakeholders

What are the benefits of Strategic Sourcing Software?

The strategic sourcing software should:

  • Analyze trends and BI (Business intelligence) Tools
  • Have a transparent sourcing process aiding in better assistance to managers
  • Have an efficient optimization process.


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How Do Marketing Agencies Use AdTech To Leverage Brands?




Marketing becomes more complex day by day. A lot of new terms appear, and “AdTech” is floating around in business discussions. In this article you will find the answer to the question “What is AdTech”. You will find a detailed explanation of this term and how it can impact your marketing campaign and brand in general.

AdTech Overview
AdTech is the shortcut for advertising technology. Advertisers use specialized tools and software for targeting, delivering, and analyzing ads. You can use AdTech to make your business known among the target clients.

If you plan to start the ads campaign, you can focus on a wide audience, but you will need to invest much time and money. AdTech permits you to hit the proper audience. We are lucky to have access to the efficient tools to speed up the promotion process and achieve better results.

How Does AdTech Impact Your Business?
AdTech is an advanced technology which fully relies on data. You get data from your potential clients and other third-party sources. This data is often used for ads targeting. We speak about referring websites, browser search queries, time of session, demographics, etc.

Your business reaches the targeted audience
When you start using AdTech, business owners can eliminate clunky ads, which disturb users. Retargeting is another efficient function of AdTech, which permits you to connect with clients’ surfing on the web in order to bring them directly to your website.

You have a lot of money
Widespread ads can use all your budget and bring no outcome. When you start using AdTech, your promotion approach becomes more targeted and as a result, you reduce costs spent on the ads campaigns.

Brand customization
If you want to make your business, you must use AdTech to reach the highest level of customization. Your money investment into ads should be reasonable and efficient. AdTech permits you to integrate your media content across various social media channels in an entertaining way.

Streamline ads for better ROI
We all use devices on a daily basis. Having the AdTech tool, you can spread your ads on tablets and smartphones for increasing your company’s ROI.

What AdTech Types You Should Know?
Are you confident to apply the AdTech tool to your brand? We are going to describe the main types of AdTech for your better understanding.

Demand side platform
DSP focuses on making the ads purchasing process more simple. You just work with a single interface. It helps to track the performance of your promotion campaign performance. All the used data helps in improving ads media buys.

Supply side platforms
It is a common practice to integrate SSP with various AdTech platforms for better selling ads impressions to future publishers.

Ad server
It gives excellent results in managing ads placements, launching promotion campaigns, and matching the right publishers to ads via an easy-to-use interface. all the collected data is used for optimizing ads campaigns.

Agency trading desk
ATD can be described as a set of efficient tools for planning and purchasing the ads on the most popular media platforms.

Data management platform
DMP is used for managing, keeping, and analyzing your future corporate ad campaigns and the target audiences.

Customer data platform
CDP is very effective for combining the data on your clients and leads. This platform is able to collect users’ online/offline data via third parties and, as a result, build unified profiles for clients’ analysis.

Ad exchange
It is a perfect marketplace for publishers and ad buyers. It works by auto-transactions, which make the process of exchanging data between your business and the target audiences.

Indeed, the future of AdTech is bright and prominent. Let’s hope you have a clear definition of the term. Digital technologies have the tendency to expand widely across many different spheres and industries, so AdTech is worth considering. It permits you to target your audience, decrease costs, and customize your ads.

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How Do We Protect Kids From Cybercrime?




The internet has many advantages; it changes our lifestyle, working culture, and education; everything is transformed into an online platform. Different features like the best school management software, LMS portals, and ERP make it easier to keep the data safe and organized. Whenever you pick a newspaper, you may find 4-5 stories of cybercrime, especially for teenage children. Being a parent makes us threaten to think about what our child is going through it. So protecting the small kids and making them realize how cyberbullying can destroy someone’s life is very important. This article will discuss how we can protect little ones from cyberbullying and make them responsible citizens.

Different Ways To Protect Kids 

Be a role model for these little ones – being parents, it’s self-evident for them to follow you blindly. So take care of everything you speak while watching your social media accounts. And things to write about another person. E.g., if your boss post some pics of his family and you show it to your partner and speak something rubbish, this is what they learn. They will copy you. So be respectful and responsible about what you post and how you give the response. 

Make them understand what cyberbullying is – let the child know about cyberbullying and how it can disturb another person. Make them familiar with the excellent example and how writing anything about the person can damage their image. Teach them about the true sense of beauty and how they can’t body Shame or age shame someone. If you find that your child is going through cyberbullying, try to talk to them by talking to their friends. 

Teach them about resources – there are various resources available online. As parents, you need to teach them the correct information, like not sharing passwords and other details with someone and avoiding downloading any unknown file randomly. Ask them to use respectful sites when searching for any site or school project. They can access online teaching sites and get information from recorded lectures. The online classroom contains features and software that make learning easier, like institute ERP, a learning management system, audio-visual aids, and more.

Communication – it’s essential to keep the communication open for your child and try to be their friend first. If you see any sudden changes in their behavior or anything which show red signal contact with their friend and other members. Understanding the limitations of using the internet and other sources is essential. And including the screen timing. Children should know the rules for using gadgets, privatizing things, and their profiles.

How do you raise responsible kids?

  1. Help them while staying online – kids need to understand how to remain safe online. As millions of hackers and much inappropriate content are available, which can affect them, they need to understand what good digital citizens are and how you can be protected from predators.
  2. Help them recognize genuine sites- Suppose your kid searches for something on the internet and gets undefined information. So they need to distinguish between fake and real sites. And which news is important and which is not, and how they can avoid it is essential. And above things, they should know their boundaries while commenting on other profiles, and they should not be involved in bullying others for any reason.
  3. Uses – see, the internet is part of vast information, so kids should be handling these gadgets in proper ways. They should be responsible for anything they do online. So being a parent, try to guide them with the rules and circumstances, which can affect their and other lives if they do anything inappropriate. Tell them nothing is hidden; if you do wrong, you will be caught today or tomorrow. Therefore this makes them understand that their mistakes can harm their life, and they will not be involved in any such things.
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7 Tips for Hiring an SEO Content Creator



Need help in creating SEO content to gain more online traffic?

Cyberspace is now a vital part of our lives, and most brands advertise by selling their products and services online. SEO content creators deal with writing articles to help boost traffic for the buyers’ page. They handle writing web content-specific blog posts to engage the target public.

However, you must hire dedicated and ethical writers as it’s about quality, not quantity. With the right content, Google puts you in higher ranks if the content fits the quality requirements.

So, here are seven tips for hiring an SEO content creator that surely matches your business:

1. Identify the Kind of Content You Need

Before looking for a content creator, you first have to know the kind of content that will sell your label better. To better understand what type of content you need, you need to take a look at your audience.

If you can relate the content you have to the needs of your audience, then you gain more leads and traffic. Once you know your audience’s interest, you can pick out an SEO content creator who specializes in that area.

2. Review the SEO Content Creator’s Portfolio

Before hiring somebody for the position, it’s a must to review their portfolio. You can ask the content team or writer to provide previous articles or sample content. This will help you learn more about the SEO creator’s skills and techniques as well as the quality of their content.

3. Check the Writing Strategy

SEO content writers must have an efficient writing strategy. Consider checking how they write, like their flow, transitions, grammar, and techniques.

The way they write should be unique, interesting, and invoke the reader’s curiosity. Aside from how they write, the content writer should always do proper research and verify the research tools used therein.

4. Look For Quality and Consistency

The most vital part of writing is that every article must be consistent and high quality. Moreover, the content must not implicate any plagiarism and must be suitable to the target market. The SEO creator should know how to make content that meets search engine rankings.

5. No Location Limitations

The best part about hiring an SEO content writer is that they’re mostly available online. Your writer can live anywhere on the planet and still create effective online traffic for you.

6. Set A Budget 

Before investing in high-quality content, you need deliberate budgeting to avoid spending too much on one content creator. A budget will help you analyze and adjust to sudden demands and changes made by you or the creator.

7. Experience Doesn’t Matter

How important is experience when searching for an SEO content writer? By all means, a writer who has worked years will bring that degree of experience to their task. However, a new writer may often bring fresh ideas, high motivation, unique skills, and flexibility.

Ready to find a content creator that well suits your business? Check out these top-rated strategies and services from the #1 rated St. Petersburg SEO Company.

Hire an SEO Content Creator Today!

Having an influential SEO content creator on board will help you stay consistent, professional, and productive. Once you find the right SEO content creator, you’ll see how they can improve results and save time. Be sure to keep these tips in mind before narrowing down your options!

Want to learn more about search engine optimization? Consider looking through our collection of articles with various tips and need-to-know information!

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