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What to check before buying a Holden: 3 common problems faced by Holden owners



If you are planning to buy a Holden off the used car market, there are some common problems that you should be aware of and what causes them. Though the cars aren’t manufactured anymore, top retailers do stock up on holden parts, and the vehicle can feel brand new with just a little bit of effort on your part. Here are three common issues that you should look out for when planning to buy a Holden.

Distended Timing chains:

The timing chain is a metal loop attached to a set of gears that power the camshaft and crankshaft. Over time, the chain can wear down or stretch, putting the whole system out of sync. It was a problem especially observed on the pre-2008 VE Commodore wagons driven less than 200,000km. The following are symptomatic of stretched timing chains:

  • Misfiring engine: When your timing chain is distorted, it can skip a gear on the cam or crankshaft, and the engine’s timing will go haywire. It may misfire.
  • You find metal shavings in the oil: If your timing chain stretches, it may erode into the engine oil. If you find metal in the oil the next time you change it, it might be worth your while also to check the engine.
  • The engine rattles while idling: If the engine rattles when idling, it is a good indicator that some part is malfunctioning – it could be the timing belt or the timing belt tensor. Do not drive the car too far once you start noticing this noise. Get it fixed at the earliest.

Although there is no sure-shot way of guaranteeing that a timing belt is in good condition, it is good to check if the car you are interested in has been regularly serviced. If it has driven more than 200,000km, the previous owner may even have replaced the belt once, but you may still have to do so in the future.

Camshaft- position sensors:      

Another problem commonly reported by Commodore owners is a malfunctioning camshaft-position sensor. It is an electronic sensor to monitor the position and speed of the camshaft. Using this information, the Engine Control Module decides how much fuel to inject and when to ignite it. A well functioning sensor ensures fuel economy and smooth running of the engine. However, if it malfunctions, you may observe the following issues before it completely stops working:

  • The “check engine” light turns on
  • The engine will splutter; it won’t accelerate as fast as it used to and may even stall or shut down mid-drive.
  • Varied fuel consumption – the car typically begins to guzzle more fuel
  • The engine doesn’t start at all

Coolant Leaks:

Owners of cars with Holden’s Alloytec V6 engine, such as the 2015 Commodores, report coolant leaks as one of their issues. The coolant helps run your engine at an optimal temperature, increasing its efficiency and performance. If it leaks, you will most likely find splotches of bright green or pink liquid on the floor wherever you’ve parked the car. You will also notice unexplained temperature anomalies in your engine while driving. The coolant can leak due to any of the following reasons:

  • A damaged thermostat gasket or a damaged head gasket: The former gasket is found at the rear of the engine, and although replacing it is not expensive, the entire process can be tedious. If the head gasket is damaged, you may not realise it while taking the car out for a test drive. A compromised head-gasket will not be able to keep the coolant from mixing with the engine oil, which could lead to serious engine trouble in the long run. Do ask your mechanic to check its health before buying a car.
  • A damaged water pump can also result in leaking coolant. It circulates the coolant throughout the system, and if it develops a leak – say where it connects to the radiator – the coolant can leak out.

In conclusion

The problems mentioned above are some of the most common ones affecting Holdens, and fixing them requires you to replace the old parts with new, authentic holden parts. Before zeroing in on a car, check its entire service history to ensure you do not face a gamut of issues that you hadn’t initially bargained for.

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Yuliana Grasman meet with Changpeng Zhao one of the most richest person according Forbes at VIP dinner



Last Friday, January 14, the 17th edition of the endurance classic took place in the United Arab Emirates: the 24 hours in Dubai. This race is also the inaugural event of the 2022 international endurance racing season.

The 24 hour series is a non-stop, day-long race held at the impressive Dubai Autodrome. The race started at 3:00 p.m. on Friday and ended at 3:00 p.m. on Saturday, January 15.

This is a very attractive event for the general public and especially for car racing lovers.

A very special invitation

Yuliana Grasman, also known as Afra, received a very special invitation from the team at Perridon Holdings. The invitation was sent on behalf of Michael Perridon, one of the richest people in the world, and a great collector of Bugatti cars.

The invitation was a VIP category and gave Yuliana access to both the race and a dinner where she had the opportunity to share with the Perridon Holdings team and great international figures.

During the majestic dinner, Michael Perridon shared important information with his friends and guests. The owner of five Bugatti cars announced that he will create a Bugatti museum in Dubai, and that they are currently looking for the ideal space to build it. He also reported that he officially became a citizen of the United Arab Emirates, among other things.

Sharing with amazing people

Afra enjoyed two days full of excitement in an environment perfect for the 4×4 drifting champion. In addition to being able to attend the long-awaited race of the 24-hour series, she also had the opportunity to meet and share with amazing people.

Yuliana met one of the richest people in the world, who ranks number 11 according to Forbes. We are referring to CZ or Changpeng Zhao, the founder of Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange.

She also met Andrei Vename, the renowned Formula 1 journalist. Afra was sitting near him at the table, and they had an wonderful conversation throughout the evening sharing memories of legendary racers like Ayrton Senna.

For Yuliana aka Afra World, this was a wonderful opportunity in which she was able to meet many great people from other countries, who, like her, enjoy the world of automobiles to the fullest, and like to have a good time with friends.



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What To Do When You Can’t Afford a Lawyer



Anybody who’s ever watched a police drama has probably heard about Miranda Rights. They state that a defendant in a criminal trial has the right to remain silent and the right to have an attorney represent them. It also reassures them that if they can’t pay for an attorney, a public defender will represent them at no cost to them.

This raises an interesting question, though. What do you do if you can’t afford a lawyer in a non-criminal case? Are there ways around it?

It turns out that you have a few different options. We’ll talk more about them in the paragraphs below.

1. Pro Bono Attorneys

Even outside of criminal trials, there are attorneys who work for free. These attorneys work pro bono, a Latin term which refers to public service or resources. explains pro-bono lawyers and legal fees in more detail.

There are a few different types of pro bono attorneys. Some don’t charge any fees while others will only charge fees if you win the case. These charges are called contingency fees and usually amount to a small percentage of your winnings.

Keep in mind that many pro bono lawyers and organizations won’t take clients unless they fall below a certain income level. This helps to ensure that people don’t take advantage of the services if they don’t need them.

2. Legal Clinics

You might also consider visiting a legal clinic if you can’t afford a lawyer. These clinics don’t provide legal services themselves, but they do offer legal resources and advice so that their clients can find the best lawyer for their needs.

Keep in mind that these lawyers also have income requirements to ensure that you’re not taking advantage. It’s also important to note that these clinics will direct you to lawyers registered with them.

One thing to know about legal clinics is that they’re run by law schools. The lawyers there are professionals, but one of their main purposes is to be a resource for law students.

3. Consultations

Many law firms offer free consultations, which means that you can see a lawyer briefly to get advice on your situation. Consultations are, by definition, a one-time occurrence. They will not assign you a lawyer, and they won’t keep advising you as your case progresses.

What they can do is advise you on how to move forward in the early stages of a case. They can talk to you about what has worked in the past for people in your situation and what you should avoid.

What to do When You Can’t Afford a Lawyer

Handling legal issues is tough, especially when you can’t afford a lawyer. The good news is that there are ways to get legal counsel even if you can’t pay for a lawyer.

We’ve discussed a few of your options in this article, but there’s plenty of other legal information that we didn’t have time to cover.

If you want more information on lifestyles, businesses, and keeping yourself motivated please visit our site.

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My Custom Spotify Code Playlist Keyring



I recently received a unique Spotify code Engraved Keychain for Birthday gift from my bestie. This was a big surprise for me as i never expected this to be my Birthday Gift. The Spotify code was Engraved on a Flat Stainless Steel rectangle keychain and had my favorite Song playing when i scanned it right away.

This was the gift that made my Day.

The Keychain came wrapped professionally in a plastic foil so it reached me in the best condition.
Now i take my favorite song with me everywhere i go with these scannable keychain, Get your friends or loved one’s favorite song engraved and give it to them as a gift they would love. Its a unique gifting Idea to send them a Scannable Spotify Song Code Key ring / Key Chain. has got many options where they engrave the Spotify scannable song or playlist code.
They engrave it on Flat Keychains, Bar pendant Keychains, Bar pendant necklaces, Spotify code on Guitar picks, Spotify Code engraving on Bracelets.

So get your Custom Spotify Code Playlist Keyrings Personalized. For Best Spotify Song Code Keychain & Gift For Him & Her visit

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