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The Hundred – the Big Cricket History



Hundreds of millions of people around the world are crazy about cricket. And most of them are indifferent to other sports. Thanks to them, cricket confidently ranks second in popularity in the world after football and, in terms of the number of devoted fans, confidently overtakes all other team games – from baseball to hockey.

And although cricket is almost unknown outside the former British Empire, in countries with a total population of about 2 billion people, it is a religion. They have heard about Messi and may have an idea of ​​who Pele is. But Sachin Tendulkar and Ricky Ponting are forever in their hearts forever.

There are many tournaments in cricket, one of the relatively new tournaments is the Hundred. What kind of tournament it is, its history and format, we will try to tell below.

What the Hundred is and its origin

The Hundred is the title of a professional franchise 100-ball cricket tournament in England and Wales, conducted by the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB). It was originally scheduled to start in the summer of 2020 but was pushed back to 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

100-ball cricket was first proposed by the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) in September 2016 after discussions between 18 first-class districts, the Professional Cricketers Association (PCA), and the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC). , 16–3 votes for the format.

On April 26, 2017, 38 ECB members voted to approve the proposal to hold the contest in the cities. Each county is guaranteed at least £1.3 million a year. Essex, Middlesex, and Kent were those who did not vote in favor. Thirty-eight votes exceeded the threshold of 31 required for approval. Essex expressed concern about how the reduced number of sides would concentrate the competition in certain areas of the country, Middlesex would not benefit from the use of Lorde, because unlike other counties the club does not own its home ground and Kent chose not to vote.

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Tournament Format

The tournament was originally envisioned as a Twenty20 tournament. However, concerns about the relevance of the current structure of the competition and the potential to attract new fans led the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) to propose an abbreviated format. On 19 April 2018, the ECB announced the creation of 100-ball cricket, which will feature 15 traditional six-ball overs and a final 10-ball variation. Other changes being discussed include the removal of the LBW law. The plan was met with considerable opposition but was supported by England captain Joe Root. On 21 February 2019, the ECB confirmed revised playing conditions where there will be ten 10-ball overs when bowlers bowl five or 10 in a row.

100-ball cricket is a format of limited-overs cricket, in which two teams play one inning of 100 balls each.

The Game Format is:

  • Ending change after 10 balls
  • Each bowler can have a max of 20 balls per game
  • The start of the game is in most of the25 goals for each team
  • Teams will be able to use timeouts
  • 100 balls per inning
  • Bowlers bowl five or 10 in a row
  • Each bowling side is given a strategic timeout of no more than two and a half minutes
  • During the power play, two fielders are permitted beyond the initial 30-yard circle 
  • Also, a simplified scoreboard is offered

Tournament Structure

Eight city teams compete for the title over 38 days during the school summer holidays, which run from mid-July to early September. Each team plays four matches at home and four matches away (thus playing their closest rival twice in a similar format to the Big Bash League), meaning there are a total of 32 games in the pre-playoff league.

The top three teams feature the playoffs at the end of the league stage. The best team goes straight to the final. The second and third teams meet in the semifinals. The semi-final and final are played at the same venue on the same day.

Reaction to the Hundred

Some current England internationals have spoken favorably of the Hundred. Some believe that this will attract an entirely new audience. ODI and T20 Captain Eoin Morgan said a similar opinion. Ex-T20 captain Stuart Broad said he was very optimistic about the new format. Michael Vaughan reflected Broad’s comments, believing it would be an appealing concept for commentators, and Michael Atherton noted that while a T20 match is seldom finished in a three-hour window, it can be achieved with the Hundred.

On the other hand, current limited-overs specialists David Malan and Mark Wood have stated that despite the new format, the T20 will remain their preference.


New Zealand all-rounder Jimmy Nisham was taken aback by the offer and asked why England and Wales Cricket Board would try something different when the current format was already so successful. India captain Virat Kohli expressed anxiety about the commercialization of cricket and did not fully support the new format.

As you can see, opinions about the tournament are divided, time will tell how successful this format will be.


Cricket is the second most popular sport, especially in India where it is something of a religion. Cricket does not stand still and is constantly evolving and improving. This is how the Hundreds tournament has appeared relatively recently. Not everyone supports this new game format, but it is definitely a very important part of cricket history. So, we will soon see how successful it will be and whether it will be.

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Tips To Follow While Choosing Your Fantasy Cricket Team Players



Like physical cricket matches, fantasy cricket has also taken over the hearts of cricket fans and is one of the top rated fantasy sports in today’s date. Playing cricket fantasy league online has become a daily routine for cricket lovers and many people or even earning money along with having fun. Fantasy cricket gained popularity during the Indian T20 league seasons and now has spiked competition amongst various fantasy cricket apps with different variations and advantages for the users.

Fantasy cricket is an online cricket league platform where players select the best of 11 players for their virtual teams. The user chooses a group of players from both the playing teams. The player’s win depends on how many runs a batsman scores or how many wickets does a player talk or how many runs does a field receive and various other factors.

While choosing players for your team and making the best team in order to win fantasy cricket, you must follow the points mentioned below –

  • Analyze the weather and pitch report – the reason behind analyzing the weather, forecast and pitch report before choosing a player plays a significant role in deciding the actual playing 11 for both teams. Get an idea about the pitch behavior from the previous matches before selecting the players. As the basic understanding about the pitches is a paradise for bowlers and helps batsmen for scoring more. Runs.
  • Compare players performance – Put your emotions aside while choosing your best 11 players. Most of the players make an error by selecting the players based on the reputation and not by reviewing their current performance. Do not repeat this mistake. Check the players past performances on the pitch before adding them to your team.
  • Creating a team – after doing a good research on the weather, forecast and player performance comparison. It’s finally time for you to select players. Although it is advisable to follow your instance, while choosing a player, keeping these tips in mind will help you build a better team and win the fantasy cricket league.
  • Don’t be greedy – once you are done with your team and start playing fantasy cricket online, it’s time for you to invest money. Take care of your investments as many people go with the flow and over invest in fantasy cricket which results in losing all of their money in the end. Hence, if you win a match, divide your amount in two parts and then move on with further investment. In this way, you can save and earn even more money by playing fantasy cricket online.
  • Bonus points – lastly, fantasy cricket can flip you’re fed. In an instance, if you play the league intelligently. According to the fantasy cricket system, there are several rewards and advantages for the players. The awards would be given to each run, catch, wicket, stump and run out. So keep a track of players while you watch cricket, as it is very important. Hence, select players who perform consistently well and prove their worth in the team.
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Know More About Fantasy Cricket Games




Cricket is an obsession for the Indians would be an understatement. People glued to their TV sets or in front of their mobile screens is a common sight whenever the Indian team is in action. Well, the craze is not just restricted to viewership as fantasy cricket games have revolutionized how fans are now interacting with the game. 

Fantasy cricket games are a platform where the users build their own virtual team of 11 cricket players for an upcoming fixture. Depending upon the result of the actual match and the performance of the individual players then determine the points scored by the players who are playing the games. Here the users who are making their dream fantasy team are in command of their destiny.

It was an alien thought a decade ago that you can build your own fantasy team online and compete with other cricket enthusiasts for cash prizes and rewards. However, in today’s reality, you cannot deny that fantasy games have reached far and wide across the country impacting how fans connect with their beloved game. 

Here’s how fantasy cricket has impacted the fan’s interaction with cricket

  1. The Feeling of Ownership

Fans were only able to view the games and make their opinion based on the results. They would not get their say in team selection and the outcome of the game. Well, all of this changed with the outburst of fantasy cricket. Not only now the users were able to pick their preferred players but also were rewarded for the same if they managed to get their picks on points. Here they have absolute command over their fascination and ideas about the game. 

  1. Bragging Rights on the Line 

It is not a cricket game if you see two individuals or a group debating on the selection of the players before and after the game. Often these discussions had no end results as no one knew the formula to find out who has a better understanding of the game. But the game is changed for good now all thanks to fantasy cricket game. Put your money where your mouth is now ever so relevant, one can easily judge their prediction and knowledge of the game with the points scored and leaderboard standings. So the debate is easily settled with fantasy cricket acting as a mediator between the fans. 

  1. Competitive Spirits Are On A High 

Fantasy cricket games are sure fun to play but when it comes to reaching the top of the leaderboard you will be up against the absolute best. Many cricket enthusiasts have turned full-time fantasy players as the rewards to reap are huge and therefore the competitive nature of the game notches up. This in turn makes the game rather more interesting with players getting into the different strategical approaches and planning which does add strength to their team.

  1. Fans Have Now Found an Avenue to Make Real Money through Gaming

If the thrill of gaming was not enough incentive for the fans to play fantasy cricket games, the prospect of making real money has surely gotten them intrigued. The process for the same is an easy one, the users build their dream team based on their knowledge and research, and then the winning amount is distributed amongst the players depending on their scores. The lucrative cash tournament and the T20 franchise leagues have further fueled the involvement of users being attracted to the cash games. 


Cricket was just a sport back in the day but now this has become more than just a passion, for some, it is a means of making money, for some it is the perfect platform to express their opinions about the game, and there are those also who just love the game for what it is. Fantasy cricket games, fair to say have added the flavours of true cricket entertainment and link that were missing for a long time.

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The entertaining Royal London One-Day Cup




The list of great cricket competitions played in England is quite a long one. Punters can visit the website 1xBet – free online cricket streaming is available for these competitions.

One of these entertaining tournaments is the Royal London One-Day Cup. This championship was established in 2014, and it was created as a successor for previous 40-overs competition that existed prior to that year. They were the Pro 40 and the ECB 40. In all those championships played in England, the free online cricket streamings offered by the 1xBet bookmaker can be used as well.

Important changes

The ECB didn’t want to simply have a new 40-over cricket tournament that was essentially a copy of the previous one but with a different name. Instead, due to the 50-overs in which One-Day Internationals are played, it was decided to play 50-overs matches instead of 40. This would make it easier for players who played in this brand-new championship to adapt to ODI matches. The website can be used to see how other limited-over matches are.

The format of the competition is quite similar to other championships. There are three groups of six teams each. The top of each team plus the best second goes into a knockout stage. From that point on, a semi-final round and a final match are played. Those contests decide the winners of the competition. Punters can go to the website 1xBet to wager on all stages of other cricket tournaments being celebrated around the world.

Changes in the final round

As was customary with other cricket competitions celebrated in England, the final match of the Royal London One-Day Cup was played at Lord’s. However, in 2020, it was decided to move this match to another fantastic venue, which is Trent Bridge. The bookmaker company 1xBet app for iOS can be downloaded for free, and users can employ it in order to wager on matches of this tournament.

In both Lord’s and Trent Bridge there were many teams that were crowned as champions of different editions of the championship. Some of these teams included:

  • Glamorgan;
  • Somerset;
  • Hampshire;
  • Gloucestershire;
  • and Durham.

The example of the Surrey County Cricket Club is quite interesting. They never won the championship. However, they were the runners-up in three consecutive editions of the tournament. They were the ones celebrated between the years 2015 and 2017. The 1xBet bookmaker company offers a useful app for iOS, and punters can use it to wager on English cricket tournaments from the comfort of their phones.

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