It would be absurd to deny that a large number of people share their Netflix account and other platforms to avoid paying the subscription. For now, companies have ignored these types of practices because they continue to be beneficial for their expansion and help to better understand the product, but it seems that Netflix will begin to take action.

The news has jumped through GammaWire. This website has shown the text that has appeared to some users in which it warns them that ” If you do not live with the owner of this account, you need your own account to continue viewing “; Or what is the same, Netflix has detected that they have logged into a different site with the same account.

However, these users have found a way to fix it, since the Netflix account can be verified by email or text message that includes the verification code.

There is also the option to delay this blocking and press  Verify later, although the message will surely appear again in a short time and it is possible that together with a definitive blocking of the Netflix account. In any case, it is difficult to know the times they handle because this issue was activated a few hours ago.

Obviously, for the message to appear, Netflix has to detect that the same account is being used in different locations. This may mean that many people will stop watching Netflix if the question is extended and effective measures are taken against the practice, such as automatic account blocking.

It is true that a similar measure has been expected for at least two years, as well as the blocking of subscribers who pay for the service in another country to save due to the price differences that exist. 

In any case, the measure may be extended and applied with greater severity because a test of this style rarely remains a mere threat. So it should come as no surprise if one day a large number of users are found requested to verify their Netflix account.