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Let’s make a Christmas card! Introducing from simple methods to cute designs!



Adding a handmade Christmas card to your Christmas gift will double the joy of the recipient. Make a wonderful Christmas card and give it to your loved ones. Introducing fashionable and easy ways to make, cute designs, and handmade methods such as popping out Christmas cards.

Christmas cards can be handmade

Christmas cards are made with 100 uniform ingredients, making it easy for adults and children to make. Celebrate Christmas with fashionable and mature Christmas cards and cute pop-up cards.

11 simple and cute handmade Christmas cards [① ~ ⑤]

Let’s make fashionable and cute Christmas cards by utilizing ideas that adults can enjoy and children can easily make. If you use stickers or masking tape, you can make a colorful and wonderful Christmas card just by sticking it on.

① Masking tape Christmas card

Christmas cards with masking tape can be easily finished just by pasting them. The design is colorful and fashionable. You can easily make candles, cute gifts, and fashionable flag decorations that are perfect for Christmas cards with masking tape. Use colorful masking tape to make cards with Christmas-like designs.

How to make

① Cut the cardboard into a size of 15 cm x 10.5 cm
(2) Cut the masking tape into 2.5 cm, 3.5 cm, 4.5 cm, 5.5 cm, 6.5 cm from the top and paste it in the shape of a tree
③ Cut masking tape about 3 cm and attach it to the trunk.

④ Cut the origami paper into a star shape and paste it on the top of the Christmas tree.

② Christmas card of children’s handprint art

You can easily make a cute Christmas card just by applying stamp ink to children’s hands and feet, taking the handprints and footprints and decorating them. Use green to look like a Christmas tree, or white to look like Santa Claus’s beard. Since the small handprints of children fit the size of the card, the handprint art of the right size is completed.

How to make

  1. Cut cardboard into card size
  2. Ink the children’s hands and feet, and take the handprints and footprints on the card mount.
  3. Decorate the bills with Christmas trees, Santa Claus, etc.

    Finger stamps for adults and children are also cute

    Put your child’s finger or adult’s finger on the stamp pad and make an art work with your finger stamp. You can draw a Christmas tree with finger stamps using the green or yellow-green stamp stand. Put a white finger stamp on black drawing paper and you’ll have a snow-like artwork. Let’s make a nicely designed Christmas card by finger stamping together with adults and children.

    ③ Pop-up Christmas card with a pop-up mechanism

    A pop-up card is a device that pops out. You can make cute designs that make children happy and chic cards that look like adults. If you attach a pop-up card to the gift, you will be surprised at the person who received it as a mechanism to pop out from the opened card.

    How to make

    ① Cut the cardboard into a size of 15 cm x 21 cm and fold it in two
    (2) Draft the line to be cut out in a circle so that it will be a device for a Christmas tree that pops out.
    ③ Cut out the curled part of the draft line
    ④ Make a valley fold along the diagonal line of the draft and make a crease
    ⑤ Open the card, fold it in a valley along the crease so that it pops out inward, and fold the center in a mountain fold.
    ➅ Paste a device that pops out on your favorite color drawing paper

The bellows-folded Christmas tree is cute

The bellows-folded pop-up card gives a gorgeous and flashy impression when opened. There is a sense of accomplishment when the work of folding bellows is completed, so let’s enjoy making it with children.

(1) Draw a line with a vertical width of 1 cm, 1.5 cm, 2 cm, 2.5 cm, and 3 cm from the top on the color drawing paper that will be the Christmas tree part. Width is about 25 cm
② Cut each with a cutter along the line
③ Fold the mountains, valleys, mountains, and valleys alternately so that they are about 1 cm wide and become bellows.
④ Paste the bellows folded on the cardboard folded in half with glue

⑤ Attach all 5 parts

We also recommend designing snowmen and gift boxes

You can make a cute pop-up card by making a device that pops out the steps and pasting a snowman or a gift box. How to make a step is very easy.

① Cut the cardboard into the size of a card, fold it in two, and make a notch of about 2 cm from the side of the ring
② Make a valley fold along the dotted line and make a crease
③ Open the cardboard, fold it so that the step mechanism is pushed in, and press the crease tightly to make a shape

④ Paste a snowman or a gift box made from cardboard or colored drawing paper on the protruding step.

④ Christmas cards that can be made with children with stickers

Make a fashionable Christmas card with lots of round stickers. Round stickers come in various colors such as pink, green, yellow-green and orange, and you can make cute designs. With a simple task of sticking a lot of stickers, adults and children can enjoy making it together.

How to make

  1. Cut cardboard into card size
  2. Stick a round sticker in the shape of a Christmas tree

    Let’s gorgeous with various colors

    If you use only green, you will end up with an orthodox Christmas tree. Add various colors such as red, blue, yellow and orange, and the colorful design will catch your eye. Try Christmas-like combinations such as fluorescent, gold, and silver.

    ⑤ Fashionable Christmas card with ribbon

    Christmas cards with ribbons are three-dimensional and luxurious. You can get even 100 ribbons, so buy gold, silver, pink, blue, etc. to make a glittering Christmas card.

    How to make

    ① Tie a ribbon of your favorite color to make a ribbon shape
    (2) Decorate by pasting a ribbon tied on cardboard cut to the size of a card or a long ribbon.

    11 Easy and Cute Handmade Christmas Cards [➅ ~ ⑪]

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Krishna quotes in Hindi that you can use




If you’re a Hindu, you’ll find that there are many Krishna quotes in Hindi that you can use. From apne mn aur aatmaa se kreN to divyaataa kevl shktishaalii hone meN nhiiN, these verses show the power of the Hindu god. Read on to find out why.

Apne Mn Aur Aatmaa Se Krm Kren

“Apne mn aur satmaa se kreN in Hindi” is a classic line that can be said several different ways. The first version is simple, but it may sound difficult for someone new to learn. It’s also not very clear whether the line should be pronounced “apne mn,” or “aatmaa se kreN.”

A dhoka is a poem written in a language other than Hindi. The language has many dialects, and each dialect carries its own nuances and differences. The lyrics are accompanied by an Arabic and English translation. There are several goodbye phrases used in Hindi. Among them, “mjhy jn hy” is used to say goodbye, “mujhe jana hai.” A more informal version of this phrase is “ye ek sham” or “mean” – in English. In the film, Shehnaz complains to Sidharth Shukla about Mahira and Paras spending too much time together.

Pyaar do aatmaaoN kaa naam raadhaa aur raadhaa kaa naam kRssnn hotaa hai

Ishq nshaa, kRssnn, jiss mein kuch bachaa hi ki – all of these words are in Hindi, and they refer to the same thing. They are all used to describe a person’s physical appearance. A man may wear a saree to hide his identity.

Guruji’s name is the same as the divine power in the universe. It flows from one area to another, so the higher energy is drawn to the lower area. Thus, it is important to attend Satsungs attentively, whether before Langar Prasad or after. Afterward, it is advisable to take the path straight home.

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Thought of the Day in Hindi (Motivational Thought of the Day in Hindi)




Everybody knows the importance of positive thinking, but what is the thought of the day in Hindi? A good thought can make you successful, happy, and fulfill your dreams. A positive thought can increase your love life and bring positive changes into your life. This is a common motivational quote in Hindi, which can be used every day. Read the following Thought of the Day in Hindi to learn the significance of this phrase.

Motivational Thought of the Day in Hindi

Whether you’re looking for a meaningful picture or a simple motivational phrase to boost your spirit, a Hindi Thought of the Day can be helpful. These daily uplifting phrases may include English translations and pictures to encourage you and help you feel more positive and inspired throughout the day. There are several ways to find a Hindi Thought of the Day, so you can choose the best one for you!

In the English language, a Motivational Quote is a short quote that a person can use to boost their self-confidence and boost their spirits. It could be from an inspirational movie, a favorite book, or a motivational poster. It’s always helpful to read a motivational quote every day, and Motivational Thought of the Day in Hindi is no exception. Here’s how to find a Hindi Motivational Thought of the Day:

If you’re looking for a Motivational Thought of the Day in Hindi, consider a quote from a famous author. He has a number of quotes that are inspiring. Read a couple of them and decide if they suit your personality and preferences. The more you learn, the more likely you’ll want to make changes in your life. In fact, you might even change directions overnight! Remember, the only way to get started is to get a little creative. After all, that’s the best way to become a better person.

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What is the day of Arafah?



The day of Arafah is a very holy day for Muslims. It falls on the 9th day of Dhu-al Hijjah. The Day of Arafah marks the end of Hajj and commemorates when Allah saved Ismail (as) from being sacrificed.

The Day of Arafah has special significance because Muslims believe that Allah will grant them forgiveness for their sins if they pray to him with sincerity during this time period.

Muslims spend this day praying at Mount Arafat, where our beloved prophet Muhammad (saw) gave his farewell address before passing away a few days later in 632 AD. Muslim pilgrims also gather at the nearby plain called Muzdalifah.

Arafah is a day of worship and prayer that occurs on the ninth day of Dhul-Hijjah. It commemorates Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) journey from Makkah to Madinah. Muslims all over the world are called upon to fast during this time in order to help ease their hunger for Allah’s mercy. In addition, they must abstain from sexual relations and otherworldly pleasures as part of an act of spiritual purification before entering into Ihram for Hajj or Umrah rituals.

The purpose of Arafah Day is to remember Allah’s mercy, which will be granted on Judgment Day. It also helps us prepare for this great event by repenting from our sins and asking Allah for forgiveness. On this day, pilgrims are required to stay outside of Mecca until sunset or until they hear the adhan (call to prayer) unless they have an excuse not to do so. This includes people who are menstruating or ill.

Some pilgrims choose not only to visit Mecca during Hajj but also spend time at Mount Arafat as well, referred to as “the other pillar”

It marks an important date for Muslims because it’s when pilgrims head to Mecca and stone a pillar called Jamarat. The pillars are three small walls with pegs on top which symbolize Satan. They represent each time that Satan tried to tempt Ibrahim (as) away from his faith by throwing stones at him and asking him to worship other Gods besides Allah. On this day, Muslims also ask forgiveness from their fellow people and those who they have hurt during the year.

The Day of Arafah is considered a sacred and blessed day for Muslims because it falls on the 10th day after Eid al-Adha, also known as “The Festival of Sacrifice”. On this day all Muslims are required to make an effort to go to Mecca or at least stay home from work/school so they can focus on acts that please Allah like prayer and meditation. If you are not Muslim but want to learn more about what happens during this spiritual event feel free to read our blog post below!

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