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Ethereum Cryptocurrency: All You Need to Know To Decide Before Invest



The popularity of cryptocurrencies has skyrocketed recently, and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down. You might be wondering if now is the right time to invest in these digital assets given all the hype. It’s always a good idea for investors to understand the underlying assets before they pull the trigger. It is not unusual for cryptocurrency to be different from investing in stocks and bonds.

We will therefore be covering the popular blockchain technology Ethereum (ETH). Ethereum, like many other blockchains, has its own coin called ether. Let’s have a closer look at Ethereum and decide if you should invest.

A Basic Overview of Ethereum

Ethereum is decentralized, open-source blockchain technology. The native cryptocurrency of Ethereum is ether. This coin ranks second to Bitcoin (BTC) as the most valuable cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization. Although Ethereum has a lower market cap than BTC, it is still the most popular blockchain.

It is important to know that Ethereum is not the same thing as BTC. While Bitcoin is intended to be a digital currency in its primary function, Ethereum has broader purposes. Ethereum is an open-source operating platform and computing platform. It supports distributed applications (dApps), and smart contracts.

What is Ethereum worth?

The Ethereum price has fluctuated greatly, just like many other cryptocurrencies since its launch in 2015. It was priced at $1 back then and has remained there for many months. In January 2018, its price hit $1,358. This was the highest Ethereum price ever. As with many other cryptocurrencies, the price of ETH began to drop. In December 2018, ether was at $83 

Although the price of Ethereum has fluctuated over time, it has generally risen. The price was $140 at the beginning of April 2020. It is now at $3,349 as of May 18, according to Coindesk. This is a significant increase in just one year. It has since fallen to $1,848, as of June 25.

Ethereum Brief History

The above Ethereum price history shows that even if you bought $1000 Ethereum in 2015, there would have been thousands of percent in gains. Below are some key moments from Ethereum’s price history since its inception.

  • 2014: Ether goes on the market for the first-ever time. People could buy 2,000 Ether for 1 BTC. The Ethereum blockchain was made public the following year.
  • 2016: A disagreement over who should be reimbursed for the money lost by decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) leads to the hack of 2016. The DAO fork that resulted in Ethereum Classic, a continuation of Ethereum’s original blockchain, leads to the creation and launch of Ethereum Classic.
  • 2017: The CryptoKitties video game is among the most popular dApps launched. In 2017, the Ethereum price jumped from $8 to $700.
  • 2021: EIP-1559 is an important change to the London hard fork. This makes network fees more predictable and decreases the supply of Ethereum.

Forks of Ethereum

Since its launch, Ethereum has seen many changes. Farrington says that a fork can happen when blockchain technology is updated or changed. It’s just like a fork in a road. It can happen as a hard or soft fork.

There are two types of Ethereum forks: Soft forks and Hard Forks.

  • Soft forks are minor changes that can be made to the blockchain and still work backward compatible. While node operators can remain connected to the blockchain, they have incentives to upgrade to the most recent version if they wish to continue earning ether.
  • Hard forks are major updates that can dramatically change the system. They are not compatible with older versions. To keep the blockchain running, node operators must upgrade to the most recent version. A split can also occur if there is a dispute.

Is Ethereum a good investment?

You may still be unsure if Ethereum is worth your investment. Here are some pros and cons to Ethereum that will help you decide.

  • Ethereum is decentralized, and cannot be censored.
  • Ethereum is used in real-world applications, notably DeFi and NFTs.
  • Ethereum is currently in the process to upgrade, which will remove all scaling and high-fee issues.

Although Ethereum is volatile, it has the potential to make huge gains. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to invest in Ethereum. You can purchase as little as $10 worth of Ethereum using eToro

Where can you buy Ethereum?

First, open an account with a trusted broker to buy Ethereum. They are reliable in that they charge reasonable fees and you can trust them to not run off with your assets. It is always a good idea to take your cryptocurrency assets off of any crypto exchange platform. 

Kucoin is the best option for new investors. Kucoin is a large crypto exchange that allows you to trade, buy, and sell cryptocurrencies. Kucoin offered basic trading options as well as margin, futures, and peer-to-peer trading (P2P). 

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The Pros and Cons of Binary Options for Newbies




Making money via investment or speculation is never a sure thing. With the potential for large rewards, there come risks. Thankfully, there are a range of options, some of which offer better chances of success, lower risk, and, as a result, smaller profits. Binary trades are one such option that offers new investors a loss-limited way to begin Forex trading.

Options vs. Binary Options: What’s the Difference?

Options, sometimes called ‘vanilla’ options, are complex matters that have a pay-out (or loss) depending on the strike price of that option and the underlying cost of the asset. As such, these trades present the probability of huge losses as well as large profits. Binary options are less complex and are loss limited.

A binary option is a short-term, limited risk contract that clearly defines two possible outcomes. Firstly, there is the possibility that you will lose the money that you set out to initiate the trade. Secondly, there is the chance that you will gain a pay-out.

Binary options tend to range between $0 and $100, which means that the maximum profit is $100, minus whatever you lay out in order to set up that binary option. This limited risk and reward set-up is just one of the reasons that newbies should try binary options as a starting point.

The Pros and Cons of Binary Options

Of course, while binary options offer certain benefits, there are risks and downsides that investors should be aware of before contacting a broker to invest in binary options as a form of speculation. Only by fully understanding the risks and possible rewards can you be sure you are making the choice that is right for you.


  • Binary options are small budget accessible – You do not need a large initial investment amount to start trading. This sets binary options apart from many stock brokerages and Forex accounts that often have a minimum investment in the thousands.
  • Binary options are versatile – Some brokers offer as many as 80 assets to choose from. This gives you choice in your speculation, despite the low entry fees.
  • Returns are proportionally large – You can make a profit of 75% to 90% of your initial investment on one trade.
  • Potential losses are limited – Unlike more traditional or complex investing options, binary options limit the potential losses to the amount fixed at outset.
  • Binary options are simple to understand and easy to learn about – You can pick up the basics in five to ten minutes, leaving you free to consider your trading method.


  • Regulation is weak and spotty – Many binary option brokers remain unregulated. This is different from other types of trading (for example, traditional stock trading or Forex trading) and can leave you vulnerable to shady brokerages.
  • Tight restrictions limit trade sizes – Binary options are great for those who want to start small, but if you’re looking at making big trades and deals, you will need to look elsewhere.
  • The simplicity of binary options can cause complacency – While the basics are easy to learn, you still need to have an up-to-date knowledge base to be profitable in the long-term.
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What Are The Rules for Crypto Staking?




Cryptocurrencies are all the rage right now, and for a good reason! They offer a new way to transact and store value. One of the most popular ways to use cryptocurrencies is through staking. In this blog post, we will discuss what staking is and some rules governing it.

What is crypto staking?

Crypto staking is holding cryptocurrency in a wallet to support the operation of a blockchain network. By doing so, users are rewarded with newly minted tokens for their contribution to the network. This is similar to how interest works in traditional banking. The more you stake, the more rewards you stand to earn.

To participate in staking, you only need a digital wallet to store your coins. Many types of wallets are available, so choose one that best suits your needs. Once you have a wallet set up, you will need to find the best staking crypto that offers staking as a way to earn rewards. Not all cryptocurrencies offer stake, so do your research before investing.

How does staking work?

If the crypto you possess, like Ethereum, allows staking, you can begin the process. For every block that you stake, you are then able to earn rewards. This is a way of showing your commitment to the network; in return, you are compensated. The more that you stake, the more rewards you will be able to earn.

Staking often happens via a “staking pool” that resembles a mining pool. To join a staking pool, you must deposit your coins into the pool’s designated wallet address. Doing so will allow you to share the rewards you earn with other pool members.

Your staked crypto gets rewards through the blockchain’s reward system. The odds of getting rewards are usually based on the amount of staked crypto. Best staking crypto allows staking via a consensus mechanism known as the Proof of Stake. Proof of Stake ensures that all transactions are secured and verified without bank intermediaries.

What is Proof of Stake?

To understand staking, you must know about Proof of Stake (PoS). PoS is a type of consensus algorithm that is used to verify transactions on a blockchain. Under this system, users stake their coins to validate blocks of transactions. The more coins you stake, the more likely you will earn rewards.

Most PoS-based cryptocurrencies require users to lock up their coins for a set period to prevent users from abusing the system. This is known as “staking,” ensuring that users are committed to the network. The longer you stake your coins, the more rewards you will be able to earn.

What are the benefits of staking?

There are many benefits to staking your cryptocurrencies. First and foremost, you can earn rewards just by holding onto your coins. This is a great way to earn income without doing extra work passively.

Another benefit of staking is that it helps to secure the network. By staking your coins, you essentially lend your computing power to the network to help verify transactions. This helps to keep the network running smoothly and prevents malicious actors from taking control.

Lastly, staking can help to increase the value of your coins. This is because the more people stake their coins, the more demand there is for the currency. This can lead to an increase in price and make your investment more valuable over time.

What are the risks of staking?

As with any investment, there are always risks involved. The most significant risk of staking is that you could lose your coins if the currency’s price falls. This is because you are essentially tying up your coins for some time, and you will not be able to sell them until you have finished staking.

Another risk to consider is that of “slashing.” This is when your coins are taken away from you as a punishment for breaking the rules of the network. This is a rare occurrence, but you should be aware of it before you start staking.

Lastly, you should always be sure to do your research before investing in any cryptocurrency. This is because the prices of cryptocurrencies are highly volatile and can rise and fall quickly. Be sure to understand the risks before investing your hard-earned money.

What are the rules of crypto staking?

There are a few basic rules that you need to follow to stake your cryptocurrencies. They include:

  1. Make sure you are staking a currency supported by your wallet. Not all wallets support staking, so check before you deposit your coins. By doing so, you can be sure that your coins will be safe and secure.
  2. Deposit your coins into the designated staking address. This is usually different from your address to send and receive coins. Sometimes, you may need to generate a new address specifically for staking.
  3. Once your coins are deposited, you must wait for them to mature. Depending on the currency, this can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days. Once your coins have matured, you can start earning rewards.
  4. Be sure to monitor your coins carefully. Prices can fluctuate wildly in cryptocurrency, so keeping an eye on your investment is vital. This way, you can be sure to sell your coins when they are at their peak value.
  5. Finally, remember to withdraw your coins from the staking address when you are finished. This is important because it ensures that your coins are safe and secure.

Take Away

Cryptocurrency staking involves holding onto your coins for a set period to earn rewards. This is a great way to earn income passively, but some risks are also involved. Be sure to research and understand the risks before investing your hard-earned money.     

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How MT4 Copy Trading Works?




What do you know about cryptocurrency and blockchain financing? Which common trading platform have you used? Well, you will be able to answer such questions by the end of this article. It is true to note that the world has moved from paper currency to digital financing. Thanks to technology, people worldwide can now invest in different forms of currencies. This article breaks down how Meta Trader 4 (MT4) copy trading works in the finance industry.

Cryptocurrency is a form of encrypted data converted to a different unit of currency. This type of digital financing exists in blockchain which helps in transactions. The network supports the selling, transferring, and buying of currencies. Cryptocurrencies are different from physical money because they are in digital wallets. As a result, financial institutions do not offer direct access to clients. The currencies come to life through the mining process using cryptographic algorithms.

About MT4

Before you answer the question, how does MT4 copy trading works? You first have to learn more about the MT4 company. The Meta Trader 4 is one of the most famous trading channels in the world. The platform has expert advisors who are responsible for examining the financial market. The company focuses on giving customers a life-changing Forex trading experience. This goal becomes possible by offering clients Mobile Trading for conventional financing.

Research proves that potential customers use the MT4 platform more for Forex trade. This trend exists due to a powerful trading system in MT4 which solves complex issues. The platform has tools like tick charts and trailing stops that are available to clients. Also, the analytics functionalism of the firm comes in handy to aid in online financing. One of the unique features of MT4 is that it has an automatic copy deal option. As a result, the platform can copy trading details from other traders to get more deals.

How do you copy trade with MT4?

Copy-trading is a process of automating a trading by copying the trades of other traders. This operation can be useful for both beginners and established financial institutions. MT4 automate their trades to allow financial experts to perform other duties. The major goal of copy trading is to open opportunities in the financial market. Examples of these positions include stocks, cryptocurrencies, CFDs, and indices among others. If you are a serial entrepreneur, copy trading is ideal for your financial health. It is because of the automatic trade settings which will allow you to invest in other ventures.

Copy trading is salient in helping newbies to build confidence in the financial market. Automatic trading familiarizes first-timers in identifying productive finance trends. Besides, the copy trade tool enables amateurs to learn how trading works. It allows newbie traders to watch the live-action of how experts invest in the business. Copy-trading helps a company finance expert to take part in the crypto market when they are busy. Also, copy trading aids in the creation of a trading community with pro traders. As a result, these professionals share ideas to help in attaining financial freedom.

For you to have a successful copy trading process in MT4, you need the right tools and software. CFD and Forex traders prefer MT4 copy trading because it is productive and efficient. The copy trade software should be stable and reliable to help a trader inspect the details. Remember, the MT4 company has large variables of oscillators, indicators, and signal services. These selections are important in improving the copy trading process. After installing the MT4 platform, you will get direct access to the Forex copy trade tool.

Steps of adding signals in the MT4

At this point, you are aware of the basic information of copy trading on the MT4 platform. With a wide variety of copy software (MT4), you need to add signals to help you copy trade. Here are the steps:

  • Begin by opening a trading account on the Admirals website.
  • Download the MT4 trading platform.
  • At the bottom of the MT4 platform, identify the ‘Signal’ section in the ‘Toolbox’ tab.
  • Follow the instructions by signing up to open an MQL5 account.
  • Click on the MT4 or MT5 signal provider for copy trading.
  • Complete the registration process by finishing the extra instructions available.

Afterward, you are free to select the payment method as a signal service.

The common advantage of this process is that you only go through it once and for all. If you already have the software, MQL5, and a trading account, you can start to copy trade right away. The platform offers you a signal service subscription by clicking ‘sign up for free’.

Do you know how the MT4 Forex copier works?

First, you need to understand that a forex copier for trading is automatic. This trait means that there is least or no monitoring of trades from start to finish. Most trading activities need an internet connection, right? In any case, if you are offline, the software sends an email to notify you of the trading process. There are different MT4 forex copiers in the current market. Depending on your budget, these tools perform the same functions. Do your research on the best MT4 forex copier you need. Feedback from copier users can help you choose the best trading copier in the market.

A good MT4 forex trade copier should offer you great profits consistently. Also, the tool should be accurate to reduce the number of losses and exposure. Every forex copier has different dashboard settings. It is not a must you have an account balance of an expert trader, only set the parameters you need.

Types of copy trading

Mirror trading

This form of trading came to existence in the 2000s as an original copy trade procedure. An expert can select the trading style and risk tolerance of another trader. This copy trading is available in the trading platform a broker uses.

Social trading

Social trading is an advanced trade service that adds social elements to the process. Here, you can communicate with other traders and learn from them.

If you are looking forward to starting a trade investment, try the MT4 platform.

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