About Me

If you know me, you know my story

I am Fahim Murshed (F M Murshid Alam), Organizer of Barishal WordPress Meetup, a passionate blogger and web developer. I was working at Joomshaper (Themeum) as WordPress Support Engineer.

I am Open Source enthusiastic. Experienced in WordPress, enjoying contributing to the WordPress Community. I would like to play with the Linux server. Also, I am a WordPress Crowdfunding expert. My interest in Bike Riding, Publishing, Localization, Community, WordPress, WordPress theme and plugin development.

Over the last few years, I learned Web programming and worked with them locally. Before coming to Web programming I was mostly involved with Electric Media, Newspaper and volunteering activities. Oh! I forget to tell you one thing, I am a Cat and Dog and, Birds lover. Last few years I had 11 cats and 2 dogs. Most of the kids are like me a lot. I am an expert at presentation, teamwork, leadership as I myself ran some organizations during and after my graduation.

As a Web developer loving WordPress from 2008 as an active WordPress community person, acts for WordPress online and offline, mostly in Bangladesh.