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A Guide for First-Time Hikers



Hiking is a perfect hobby for almost anyone. It is a low-impact workout, a way to explore nature, and an opportunity to keep your mind and body in a good state. Hiking offers a multitude of health benefits and is a great way to spend time with friends. 

So, if you’ve always wanted to start but had no idea how to do it, this guide is exactly what you need.

Acknowledge Planning

The first thing to keep in mind is that proper planning is the key to an enjoyable and safe experience. It will take some time to research the trails, rules, and gear, so do not rush it.

If you have a busy schedule or study in a college, this might be a bit complicated. Hiking is popular among students as it doesn’t require a lot of resources and offers immense benefits. But college students do not have time in abundance. They have to deal with assignments, lectures, and tough deadlines.

It is important to prioritize tasks. For instance, you can delegate editing or proofreading to a paper writing service like WritePaper to save some time for hiking preparation. It is a professional academic writing service for students. The experienced authors deliver writing, editing, and proofreading of all types of college papers. So, they can polish your work while you get some free time.

Do not skip on research as preparation is important to eliminate possible problems or injuries.

Choose the Type of Hiking

Overall, there are three types of hiking you can participate in.

  • Day hiking – a single-day trip. It can take an hour or 12 hours, depending on the route, level of experience, and preferences.
  • Backpacking is a trip for several days. You get to spend time in nature and take all the necessary gear and goods with you. Some go for two days; others spend weeks backpacking.
  • Thru-hiking means a trip that starts in point A and ends in point B. So, you hike through the specific area. People often use this term for longer trails like the Appalachian or Pacific Crest Trail. This is suitable for experienced hikers.

Beginners are better off with single-day hiking. Opting for a 2 hours route for the first time is a good choice to try things out. However, if you are going on vacation with friends, you can choose backpacking as well.

Select the Trail

For the first hike, choose one of the existing and well-known routes in the nearby area. There are plenty of books, websites, and apps devoted to that. They show distance, elevation, difficulty, and various features like water sources.

Depending on your skills and needs, opt for something suitable. It is always better to be safe than sorry and select something easy for a beginner.

Consider the following factors:

  • the time you have;
  • fitness level;
  • distance;
  • elevation gain (it determines the difficulty of the trail);
  • season and weather;
  • logistics (where do you start and finish and how to get home).

Prepare the Gear

This step depends on the trail you select; that’s why it is next. If it is a two-hour trip with little difficulty, you’d be good with some comfortable clothing, appropriate shoes, and basic supplies like water and snacks.

But if the route is a bit more difficult or long, it is crucial to pack the gear you might need.

Here are the hiking essentials:

  • navigation (you can use the map on your phone);
  • headlamp for after-dark trips with some spare batteries;
  • charger for your devices;
  • sunscreen and sun protection;
  • first aid kit;
  • a small knife and duct tape roll;
  • something to start a fire if you are camping;
  • outdoor sleeping gear for more than a single-day trip;
  • enough food (it is better to have extra);
  • extra water.

Those who plan on longer routes need to invest in a durable backpack and good shoes.

Check the Weather

Before heading out, make sure the conditions are appropriate. Checking the weather also helps choose the right clothing and gear. 

Some routes are closed in specific seasons, so research this beforehand as well.

Take a Friend With You

It might be much more fun to go on a hike with someone else. Surely, you can enjoy the activity on your own as well. But if you want some company, ask friends about joining you. Maybe some of them also want to start or are experienced hikers who can help you out.

In any case, even if you go solo, tell your friends and family where you are heading and when you are going to be back. Give them the exact route, just in case.

Familiarize With the Map

Have a close look at the map of the route. Make sure you understand it and can easily read it. It is good to download it if you don’t have an Internet connection. A paper copy is also a great plan B.

The point is to know what you can expect and where you are heading. Check out specific landmarks on your way.

Start Early

Popular trails can feel a bit crowded, so heading out at sunrise will give you more solitude.

And it will give you more time to hike at a comfortable pace. Remember that it is not a speed competition. There is no need to rush yourself and get tired easily. Choose the appropriate pacing and enjoy the views. This will also ensure you retain a constant level of energy to finish the trip successfully.

Leave No Trace

It is important to preserve nature as it is so that you and others can enjoy the route later. Respect the wildlife, watch your feet, and do not leave any trash behind. Take it to the end of the route, where you can properly dispose of it.

In Summary

Hiking is a perfect low-impact exercise and exciting outdoor activity. It is beginner-friendly and open to all fitness and experience levels. Moreover, one can do it solo or in a group. And you do not need much to start. So, get ready and head out to enjoy some views.

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Best Places For Summer Vacation in Greece




Located in southeastern Europe, Greece is a popular vacation destination. The country boasts thousands of islands and is often called the cradle of Western civilization. Its capital city, Athens Greece, is home to the ancient Acropolis citadel and Parthenon temple. It is also famous for its beautiful beaches. Popular spots include the black beaches of Santorini and the party resorts on Mykonos.

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Mykonos has plenty to offer its summer vacationers. The island is rich in history, and the town’s museum is a must-visit place. Its collection includes artifacts from as far back as the 9th century BC. You can even see a painting of the legendary Trojan horse. You can also visit the windmills of Mykonos, which date back to the 1500s and were used to mill wheat.

During the summer, the island is alive with festivals and music events. During these festivals, bars and beaches are packed with partygoers. International DJs from around the world play at these summer music festivals. The island has an excellent nightlife and many places to enjoy a drink.

The island is also a perfect place to unwind. Mykonos Greece has a surprising number of excellent beaches. The south side has some of the island’s trendiest beaches, such as Super Paradise, while the north side has the quieter and more traditional beaches. You can also visit Ornos Bay and Elia, which are both close to Mykonos Town. If you’re looking for some more indulgence, you can head to Kalo Livadi and spend an afternoon doing water sports.

If you are looking for a more laid-back experience, Mykonos Kayak offers a variety of kayak tours. Tours start at 60 Euros and are led by professional sea kayakers. The kayak tours also include stops at pristine beaches. On top of that, the tours include an onboard BBQ.


If you’re looking for a unique summer vacation destination, Santorini Greece is a popular choice. The island is an iconic symbol of Greece. Its history is fascinating: it was once much larger, but a massive volcanic eruption thousands of years ago submerged most of the island. Several people believe this event is the origin of the legendary Atlantis.

Although summer months can get very warm on Santorini, temperatures can still be very pleasant, with temperatures hovering around 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Spring is also less crowded, making it more suitable for romantic getaways or solo vacations. Hotel rates are lower than during the summer months, and the island reverts to its Greek charm.

Santorini is best visited in the late spring, early summer, and fall. These months are ideal for sailing trips to the islands, island hopping, and romantic experiences. You will find few tourists during these months, and prices are usually lower. There are also plenty of flights and hotel deals during these seasons.

If you plan to take a trip to Santorini, you should book a hotel in advance. Prices go up in the summer months but booking well in advance will ensure a pleasant stay.


If you are looking for a summer vacation destination in Greece, you should consider visiting Corfu. The island has some wonderful sites to see, including the Old Fortress, the Blue Lagoon, the Canal of Love, and Vlacherna Monastery. The picturesque village of Sidari is another popular spot to see.

Corfu is one of the largest and greenest of the Ionian islands. Its past has influenced its culture, as the town was ruled by the Venetians for a long time. Unlike other islands in the country, Corfu has a more western feel. It was mentioned in Homer’s Iliad as the home of the Titan Iapetus.

The Ionian Islands is a great place for a summer Greece travel. They are less packed, and are less chaotic than Crete, but they cater to the packaged traveler. Because of the high season, it is advisable to make advance reservations and visit the island during low season. The Ionian Islands are also popular among Italian travelers.

The southwestern part of the island has organized sandy beaches and traditional taverns where you can eat delicious local food. If you don’t have a car, you can walk around and enjoy the beautiful scenery. You can also spend an afternoon at the picturesque town of Naxos. While you’re there, don’t forget to visit Filoti, a traditional Greek village that has managed to maintain its traditional character. The archaeological ruin of Portara is a must-see attraction, while the giant Kouros in Melanes is another popular attraction.


Crete is Greece’s largest island and is home to golden beaches, crumbling old towns, and UNESCO World Heritage sites. The liveliest part of the island is Chania, while other parts, including the southernmost town of Stalos, have sandy coves and lush landscapes. Visitors can also explore Europe’s longest gorge in Samaria. Other highlights of Crete include the ruins of Minoan palaces and a number of water parks.

The Rethymnon peninsula boasts excellent beaches, including the Agios Pavlos Ammolofoi and Triopetra beaches. The region is home to the Historical & Folk Art Museum and Paleontology Museum. Agios Nikolaos is also home to many of Crete’s best beaches. This region is also home to several beautiful bed and breakfast apartment buildings.

Crete Greece is a holiday-maker’s paradise, combining relaxation and exploration. Bring a backpack for easy access to water, spare shoes, and books. And don’t forget your sunscreen! A summer vacation in Crete is the perfect time to explore the island.

In addition to the sun and sand, Crete has an abundance of attractions for kids and families. There are many family-friendly resorts on the island, including the Aqua Plus Waterpark, the Labyrinth Theme Park, and the CretAquarium. The Aquarium is Crete’s first aquarium, and it is an ideal spot for kids to play.

Navagio Beach

Navagio Beach is located on the Aegean Sea in Greece. The cove is a popular tourist destination, but there are some precautions that you should take. Boats are only allowed to drop people off for one hour. The water at Navagio Beach can get deep very quickly, so make sure you wear appropriate footwear.

If you want a relaxing beach vacation in Greece, Navagio Beach is the ideal destination. Located on the other side of Zakynthos town, this beach is the most famous in the country. You can also enjoy a fun-filled day on the water by scuba diving, kite surfing, or even base jumping.

One of the most famous attractions of Navagio Beach is a shipwreck in the middle of the beach. It is believed that the Panagiotis ship, working for the Italian Mafia, was smuggling cigarettes from Turkey to Greece. The Greek Navy pursued it off Zakynthos, and the waves caused the ship to crash into the beach. Survivors of the ship abandoned it in the middle of the beach.

Navagio Beach, also known as Shipwreck Cove, is one of the most famous beaches in Greece. With limestone cliffs and a rusting shipwreck, the secluded cove is a popular Instagram destination. Many travelers will include Zakynthos on their itinerary so that they can visit Navagio Beach.


If you are looking for a vacation spot in Greece where you can experience a variety of cultural activities, Halkidiki is the perfect place. This island offers beautiful beaches and a variety of other attractions. The climate is temperate and the beaches are not too hot. The island also has plenty of forests and mountains. You will find tall pine trees covering the hills, which will provide shade during the day. These trees also make for great hiking trails.

A large peninsula, Halkidiki offers plenty of water for swimming. There are also many sandy beaches in the area. There are also mountains and dense pine forests. This island is great for a summer vacation because it has something for everyone. Its beaches are amazing, and it is easy to get around.

Whether you want to take a family vacation or a romantic getaway, Halkidiki has plenty to offer. With a warm Mediterranean climate, clear blue waters, and excellent Greek food, it is a great destination. The region is also easily accessible from Thessaloniki’s international airport.

The area surrounding the city of Kassandra is an adventure-packed town, with many activities and  hotels to choose from. You can enjoy an outdoor adventure on the mountains, hike on the beach, or relax at the quaint villages. The area is also affordable, making it an ideal destination for a summer vacation in Greece.

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A complete review about Montgomery Reef



Montgomery Reef is a popular reef off the Kimberly coast located in Western Australia. It is one of the world’s largest inshore reefs and is situated at the southwestern end of the well-known Camden Sound. It surrounds Yawajaba Island. Bardi is one of the nearest populated places on this reef. This reef is formed some 1.8 billion years ago. It is one of the most important geological marine environments located in Kimberly today. If you like to focus on important things about the Kimberley Cruise and make an informed decision, then you can spend enough time researching this reef on North Coast. Many foreigners explore the Kimberley Cruise in detail and make optimistic changes in their approach to finding a suitable cruise package. 

Research significant things about the Kimberley Cruise 


Montgomery reef is an outstanding panorama of vast lagoons, a central mangrove island, and tiny sandstone islets. On this island, large estuarine crocodiles lurk at the low tide. You cannot easily see this fascinating and ancient reef system at high tide. You may be a beginner to the reef system and think about how the magical of this reef happens on the outgoing wave. You have to be very conscious of so many significant things like the spectacular phenomenon of whitewater. There is a huge reef that comes into view in an ocean. In this high-energy atmosphere, bouncy tidal flow off this reef can shift up to 2 meters per second at the time of spring tides.  


All visitors to the Coral Expeditions online are amazed about everything associated with the extraordinary chance to behold the phenomenon of the large inshore reef of the world Montgomery Reef. The ocean recedes with a tidal flow range from four to ten meters and reveals a thriving flat top reef. Tourists who visit here can explore seeing birds hunting for the lagoon for marine life in the rock pools. They get 100% entertainment from green sea turtles known for their nature to explore the shallow reef. You can feel free to get in touch with this expedition team and enhance your expertise in the reef and wildlife here. You will be eager to see native birds like Pied Cormorant, Caspian Tern, and White-winged Black Tern. Yowjab is the indigenous name for Montgomery Reef. Dambimangari people called the channel Wilyjaru. 


Enjoy the tourism within the budget and schedule 


As an individual with an interest to take pleasure in the Kimberley Cruise in our time, you can use every option and experience Montgomery reef with expedition leader Dave Keech. It is a suitable time to get ready to see something unique and special. You can spend enough time and research everything about this tour package. Experts in excursions nowadays make certain that excursions to Montgomery Reef are fascinating coastal expedition experiences in the nation. Montgomery Reef is a spectacle to behold with sea snakes, fish, backtip reef sharks, and turtles thrashing and tumbling down the flanks of the reef. Montgomery Reef is different from a usual coral reef. It is an ancient terrestrial table successfully created from the same rocks as the nearby Kimberly Basin. 

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Top-Rated Bucket List Destinations




Some of the top-rated bucket-list destinations are not so easy to reach. However, the destinations mentioned here are definitely worth visiting. The following list includes destinations such as The Grand Canyon, Machu Picchu, and The Maldives. Moreover, these destinations are perfect for family vacations. The next continent on the list is Antarctica. A visit to this continent is definitely worth it. You will experience a new level of uniqueness.

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Machu Picchu

It was a mystery to the Spanish colonists until 1911, when a Yale archeologist, Hiram Bingham, rediscovered Machu Picchu. Spanish colonists didn’t know about the site until Hiram Bingham published his book, “Across South America.” The ancient Inca city was preserved by the Incas, and their architecture and design is as stunning as it is impressive. Throughout the lost city, you can walk the Incan Inca Trail, or you can take a combination of transportation methods. Incan architecture and design are still remarkably intact, and there is a lot of detail to see.

If you’ve ever heard of the ancient Incan civilization, you’ve probably heard of the ancient city of ruins at the end of a cliff. The UNESCO-designated ruins have attracted visitors from around the world for hundreds of years. As one of the most impressive archaeological sites in the world, Machu Picchu is still a work of art, and you can experience its magical charm on a guided tour.

If you’re looking for a unique vacation destination, consider Peru. Machu Picchu, an archeological masterpiece built by the Incas, is located in the Andes Mountains of South America at 7,970 feet above sea level. It is located 80 kilometers northwest of Cuzco, a city located on the shores of a deep canyon. The valley itself is a world heritage site.

The Maldives

The islands off the southern coast of India are the definition of luxury, complete with overwater villas and turquoise waters. But the Maldives is also expensive – getting there, staying there, and eating there are all very expensive. You might want to consider visiting other islands instead, which are cheaper but just as gorgeous. In this article, we’ll outline some of the top tips for making a trip to the Maldives a reality.

You can get to the Maldives by air from at least 31 major cities in the world. However, you’ll need to make a connection somewhere along the way. You’ll most likely have to fly to Hong Kong, Dubai, or Doha before reaching the islands. The Maldives is an island chain, so it may take a while to cover its islands. The average cheap flight time from the United States is 27 hours. There are also seaplanes available for island hopping.

There’s something for every traveler in the Maldives. You’ll be able to enjoy pristine water, tiny islands, and overwater huts. But what about food? In the Maldives, eating is very important, so don’t forget to sample some of the country’s best dishes. It’s hard to get enough of delicious food and fresh fish.

The Grand Canyon

If you’re wondering what to do in the area, you may want to consider visiting the Grand Canyon. This national park is a spectacular sight year-round, so you can visit in all seasons, and enjoy all the attractions that the area has to offer. You may also want to visit the Hopi House, which is located near the Verkamps Visitor Center on the South Rim. This historic building was constructed in 1904 to be a marketplace for Native American crafts. Specifically, the Hopi tribe was chosen as the featured artisans and the building was constructed out of adobe bricks to look like the traditional Hopi pueblo.

While visiting the Grand Canyon, it is best to stay near the South Rim, as this will allow you to get out into the park and beat the traffic. There are several hotels in Grand Canyon Village, and some are located in the park itself. If you only have time for a day visit, organized tours are the best way to see the canyon. Most of these tours begin in Phoenix, Sedona, and Scottsdale.


A trip to Italy is not complete without visiting the iconic city of Rome. The city is renowned for its beautiful architecture and world-class museums, but the true beauty of the country lies outside of the capital. In addition to visiting Rome, tourists should also see the city’s other famous landmarks. For instance, the iconic Ferrari was created in 1947 in Maranello. There are museums dedicated to the iconic company in the two cities of Modena and Maranello, including the one in the former founder’s childhood home.

In addition to visiting the Roman Forum, you may want to visit the Dolomites, where you can go skiing and hiking. Verona is also worth a visit. This picturesque city was the setting for Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Regardless of whether you choose to visit the famous city or the hidden gems, you are sure to fall in love with Italy’s culture and cuisine.

Puglia, also known as Apulia, is a region located in Southern Italy. The coast here stretches from Bari near the Balkan Peninsula. Some of the top sights in Puglia include white-washed conical huts, stunning coastal cliffs, and historic towns. And while in Puglia, you should check out the stunning coastal towns of Polignano a Mare and Alberobello. Whether you visit the region for its pristine beaches or explore its ancient history, you will find something to delight your senses.


A visit to Egypt is not complete without seeing the imposing Great Pyramids of Giza. The red sea and desert scenery in the country are equally amazing. Traveling by sea from Egypt to nearby Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and Israel is a great way to see the region for a reasonable price. One of the best ways to see Egypt is by taking a cruise on the Red Sea. Cruises on the Red Sea are affordable and offer breathtaking views of the country and its surrounding landscapes.

Egypt offers travelers endless activities and attractions. From luxury Red Sea resorts to quaint cafes in Alexandria, Egypt has something for everyone. There’s no end to the things you can see and experience in this ancient land. Here are just some of the most popular tourist attractions:

Travelers can also visit the Valley of the Kings and the Temple of Amun Thebes. The Temple of Amun Thebes is over 2km in area and is the largest religious building in the world. Hot air balloon tours are also available and include the Valley of the Kings and Hatshepshut’s temple. After the tour, you can take pictures from above. Egypt is definitely one of the top-rated bucket list destinations

Masai Mara National Reserve

One of the top-rated bucket list destinations is Masai Mara, Kenya. It is a vast expanse of grassland, teeming with wildlife. Located in East Africa, it is home to the Big Five – lion, leopard, rhino, and elephant. You may also spot hyena, hippos, and black rhino. And, you can get up close and personal with a variety of birds.

Traveling to Kenya’s Masai Mara National Reserve requires planning. Travelers will need to travel to Nairobi, about 170 miles away, and then take a six-hour drive to reach the park. However, travelers should note that the roads are often impassable during the rainy season, so they may want to book a 4×4 vehicle instead. However, flights from Nairobi to Masai Mara are available and take about 45 minutes. Those traveling internationally may need to buy a ticket on their own.

The Masai Mara is situated in south-western Kenya and shares an unfenced border with Serengeti National Park in Tanzania. Together, these two parks are one of the world’s top safari big game viewing destinations. The reserve covers an area of 1,500 square kilometers and rises between 1,500 and 2,170 meters above sea level. This area is home to a diverse range of wildlife and is the most popular destination for big game viewing. The Masai Mara National Reserve is home to more than 500 species of birds and is one of the top-rated bucket list destinations.

The Great Barrier Reef

If you’re looking for an experience that will make your bucket list, Australia travel has many things to offer. Its vast, rugged landscapes and turquoise seas enclose an array of attractions. You’ll also find a host of wildlife and wild terrains. Here are just a few of the many things you can do in this country. Make sure to add a trip to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef to your itinerary.

The Reef is a must-see for adventure lovers. Its serene waters and amazing marine vistas make it the ideal location for scuba diving. In addition to scuba diving, snorkeling is another great activity in the area. Whether you’re into fishing or kayaking, the Great Barrier Reef provides the perfect backdrop for all kinds of outdoor activities. In addition to snorkeling, you can enjoy a wide variety of other water sports and activities.

Diving in the Great Barrier Reef is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that should be on anyone’s bucket list. It’s the largest coral reef system in the world and is visible from space. A trip to the reef is not complete without snorkeling or diving. This natural wonder is also home to many marine creatures, including humpback whales, green sea turtles, and a host of other species.

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